Screen vs Digital – Key factors to consider

Noga Chen
January 15, 2018

If you’re a screen printer looking for a solution for customization and small-medium runs,
then you will be well aware of the fixed set-up costs involved before even a
single T-shirt has been printed. With screen runs being profitable with large
batches, you will want to know what the considerations are when trying to
figure out if Direct-to-Garment printing suits your decoration requirements.

ROI – getting
the formula right

Applying your fixed costs to the number of t-shirts you print can be broken down to a
fixed cost per t-shirt (eg if your fixed costs are $200 and you printer 200
t-shirts, the fixed cost per T-shirt is $1._ But looking at the “print picture”
as a whole means you should add all your extra costs (per print) to include ink
consumption, price of a blank T-shirt, electricity, pre and post treatments
to mention just some of the components affecting production costs.  It might seem like stating the obvious, but
you’d be surprised to see the difference in figures on your net profits.

Digital vs Analog consideration:


Space, Storage, Setup – if you’re looking to keep
space and setup costs at a minimum, then Digital is right for you

With digital, fixed costs become negligible as you eliminate the need to
make films, screens or set up digital systems. And, with advanced technologies,
to include automated integrated pre-treatment and 100% dry printing, digital condenses
the entire printing line into one step.

What are your run lengths?

Digital has become the solution of choice for the small and medium runs
that are not as profitable to produce with analog decoration methods.

Global Detox regulations

Consider your carbon footprint. Digital printing offers a viable option to
printing if the DTG printer uses environmentally  friendly inks.


Plan ahead

Digital gives you the luxury of printing one-offs and offering
customization profitably, and DTG will give your screen business the flexibility
to accept jobs of any run length.  In
fact, it could be the next big thing for your business – diversification – a new
product offering.

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