How Fashion Week 2021 Is Making Unique Use of Digital Solutions

Maor Yur
March 15, 2021


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Fashion Week 2021 events take place in various fashion capitals worldwide, announcing the latest trends and celebrating creativity. In Tel-Aviv, Kornit is proudly co-hosting this year’s event. 

While this isn’t the first time the events are mainly online, a year into the global pandemic, everyone is more open to digital solutions and far more comfortable using them. As a result, the highest level of creativity is now present in the garments and the digital innovations used by organizers and brands. If you’re curious to learn about the latest technologies harnessed during these special weeks, here are three pillars to focus on and lots of content recommendations.

Wider participation

We tend to believe that Fashion Week is meant for a very specific crowd, and many people would never buy a ticket to runway shows or try to get on the list for an exclusive party. But the transition to virtual platforms creates a more inviting atmosphere. When we watch fashion shows from the comfort of our own home, there’s no reason to feel out of place.  

When fashion events are available for online viewing (and you can find them all in this calendar), we’re all invited, and Fashion Week becomes more inclusive and down to earth. This notion goes well with other fashion-related changes we’ve seen in the past year, like people’s choice to buy more athleisure wear while working from home, a trend we can also expect to see plenty on the runway.  

Virtual Fashion Week allows participants to hop between locations and visit New York, Paris, and Helsinki, one after the other. In New York specifically, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) announced in a letter by Chairman and famous designer Tom Ford that it renames its Fashion Week schedule the “American Collections Calendar,” branching out to additional locations. All of a sudden, Fashion Week is everywhere and for everyone. 

Creative storytelling

While some fashion brands might find the idea of a more digital version of Fashion Week intimidating, others are happy to embrace this change and consider it an opportunity to be creative in new and innovative ways. It’s fascinating to see elite fashion houses with decades of experience go from relying on traditional work methods to using the most technologically advanced platforms. 

For this year’s events, Chanel and Dior contacted film directors to produce unique creative assets for their virtual shows. This move proves that top brands will always find a way to deliver a refined message, no matter what channels they appear on. 

Another great example stems from the sustainability-focused Helsinki Fashion Week. Evelyn Mora, who created the Digital Village for these events in the past couple of years, expanded the idea to form a fashion metaverse where 3D models present items, and audiences can attend as avatars, try clothes using virtual tools, and shop with cryptocurrency.  

Digital partnerships 

We’re used to witnessing fascinating collaborations during Fashion Week. In the past, we’ve seen Adidas partnering with high-end designers, Singapore Fashion Week joining hands with local museums, and even special collections in collaboration with home improvement brand Lowe’s

In 2021, Fashion Week organizers worldwide choose to collaborate with brands known for their digital expertise. For example, London Fashion Week events partners with digital platform Joor to offer a virtual showroom experience. This is all the proof we need that fashion technology is no longer considered a sidekick and has its own place in the retail and fashion world. 

Digital platforms and tools are a creative playground for fashion businesses of all types. It’s exciting to see how Fashion Week runways are used to showcase the latest innovations alongside stunning garments. As a company focused on fashion technology, Kornit’s customers have front-row seats to the innovation show all year round.