How brands can leverage digital transformation to drive profits 

David Richardson
February 10, 2022

The global acceleration of online shopping has presented brands with many challenges, but perhaps even more opportunities — especially for those who can read the shifting landscape and understand what their customers really need.  

The rise of eCommerce has created a new type of consumer who is fully aware of the broad spectrum of choice at their fingertips. Alongside their expectation of an endless aisle of product, consumers are increasingly demonstrating a desire to personalize and customize their apparel. 

For brands who offer personalization, this presents a fantastic opportunity for growth and increased margins. It also helps them engage with their customers more directly, ultimately paving the way for the elimination of markdowns and over production.  

Discount or destroy 

However, as the demand for eCommerce and a more personalized experience has grown, so too has brand’s requirement to meet this demand through off-shore mass-production. However, this approach, while standard across the industry, is not without its pitfalls, as it relies heavily on trend forecasting, often 12-18 months in advance. When done poorly, this can lead to overstocked items, leaving brands with piles of unsold items. From there, brands appear to have two choices – discount or destroy.  

Both approaches hit the bottom line heavily. Many brands don’t realise, but there’s also a third option that should be considered in the first instance – on-demand manufacturing.  

Leveraging digital transformation with KornitX

Introducing KornitX – the fast track to digital transformation 

To fully seize the opportunities of the new digital landscape, brands need to optimize the A-to-Z of production. This will help shorten the time from receiving an order, to the moment the customer can wear their personalized apparel (and post it on social media), giving brands more control and greater options for monetization. 

KornitX provides access to Kornit’s Global Fulfillment Network, a global network of best-in-class textile printers to facilitate the on-demand manufacturing of products anywhere in the world. The platform comes fully equipped for a range of eCommerce integrations, from sales catalogs to product management systems, from personalization and customization to full-on logistics and shipping.  

A faster, smarter, more sustainable mode of production 

With on-demand production, brands can finally eliminate overproduction and excess inventory. In effect, they only start to produce after an order has been placed – eliminating the guesswork of what people really want.  

Brands can now bring new products to market faster, more efficiently and economically than ever before, not to mention reducing the cost and time of shipping products halfway across the globe. This is what lies at the heart of sustainable production, balancing the good of the planet with improving your bottom line. 

KornitX is ushering in a new era of customer-centric, on-demand manufacturing to provide firepower and flexibility for the future. Ultimately, this enables brands to become vertically integrated, giving them the suite of tools to sell and fulfil online orders, have more control of how their products are being sold, and retain a larger chunk of the profit. 

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