Home Run: How Home Décor Printing Technology Makes Our Home Sweeter

Maor Yur
January 30, 2022

No place is more important to a person than their home. We work so hard to find the perfect location, design it according to our taste, and keep it (sort of) organized. The pandemic forced many of us to spend more time at home, increasing the investment in that category and highlighting the things we wish to change. It’s time for technology to join the party, make us feel at home, and help turn it into a warm sanctuary. 

When developing Kornit’s MAX technology and bringing it into the Direct-to-Fabric arena with systems like the Presto MAX, we wanted to give companies the tools to support end customers’ current needs and ambitions. Here are several ways to improve people’s everyday experience at home using innovative Home Décor textile printing technology.  

Flipping Houses: Changing the Look Based on Your Mood 

Designing our space can be a stressful process, and it’s a known fact that renovations often lead to fights and even divorce. But what if it were much easier to make decisions regarding our home design, simply by knowing we can change our minds whenever we want? Whether it’s a shift in current trends or a sudden need for a home office during a pandemic, Home Décor tools and technologies can and should provide flexibility. Thanks to customized printing, there’s no need to throw away furniture in order to replace a room’s style. Simply updating the upholstery of existing pieces does the trick without adding waste and costs. 

The famous show WandaVision traveled between different periods, adjusting the space design to fit each one. The show’s creators spent many hours shopping for items that match every decade, an appreciated effort that contributed a lot to the show’s authenticity. Printed textile is the answer for the average Joe and Jane who want to transform a room but lack the resources to travel the world for trendy furniture and accessories. 

Make Room in Every Room: Restoring Items Instead of Hoarding Them 

Clutter is another major problem affecting people’s homes. Research shows that getting rid of clutter eliminates around 40% of the housework and significantly increases people’s satisfaction. The need to declutter meets our fear that what seems irrelevant today will become a must-have item tomorrow, and our future self might want that sofa after all. As a result, we lose precious space and peace of mind surrounded by furniture we no longer need. 

To solve this problem, we need technology that can easily restore everything we give up, making the emotional labor of decluttering super simple. Direct-to-Fabric Home Décor technology can “remember” every look and produce it as soon as we change our minds. 

A unique project by Kornit and students at the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design, and Art restored the famous home of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. The result was accurate, and the process inspiring and seamless. Bringing these capabilities to the general public can revolutionize how we treat home clutter and decrease waste and frustration rates. 

Green Building: Printing Durable, Sustainable Home Items 

When we reach a result we love and wish to keep, it should last a long time. Quality and durability play an integral role alongside speed and versatility and are all vital elements in Kornit’s Home Décor solutions. We deliver durable prints with proven high wash and rub test results and high UV fastness for outdoor pieces.

Producing home textile pieces that last longer is also the sustainable choice. 77% of people state that they want to live more sustainably, making this an important goal to achieve. The topic of green building became popular, and now it’s time to bring it into the house, with textile solutions that take the environment into account. 

Kornit’s Home Décor technology produces every item on-demand, thus preventing waste and enabling manufacturers to only print what they sold. It minimizes the environmental footprint and meets the highest standards with a production that is CO2-neutral, GOTS approved, and ECO PASSPORT certified. The result is using up to 95% less water, up to 50% less ink waste, and up to 94% less energy. 

Our future home is already within reach. It is more creative, accessible, organized, and sustainable. Let’s print a new and better version of life because there’s truly no place like home.