Home décor has never looked brighter

Noga Chen
January 5, 2018

Color in home décor has
been in fashion for a long time – be it in decorative tiles, furniture, upholstery

and curtains. Dressing your home and changing accessories to
alter the atmosphere has become ever more popular and more affordable over the past
decade. Trying out and flaunting bright and daring colors is no longer only for
the brave.

Customizing of fabric for specific accessories is still an
enormous challenge for architects, interior decorators and home stylists. Until
recently it has been almost impossible to do. Traditional textile manufacturing
methods require that large quantities be produced to make production runs
economically viable. This is done mostly off-shore making production cycles lengthy
and cumbersome.

There is a growing demand for unique upholstery prints,
curtains, bedding and accessories, but until recently technology had not caught
up. Traditional textile printing methods are not feasible for small quantities,
let alone customization.


Now, with the advancement of textile manufacturing
technology, customized home textile is no longer an irrational ambition – it’s
a reality that is happening.

If you want to order a specific unique print for upholstery
for one or two sofas or a few footstools, a unique set of pillows printed with
a particular print, in particular colors, there’s only one solution – Digital
Direct-to-Fabric printing.

Digital was made to be fast, flexible and creative. No
longer do you have to fall in line with what fabric catalogues offer. Invent
your own design, match existing designs. The possibilities are endless.


The Kornit Allegro means that there is no absolutely no
limitation to what fabrics can be printed and no minimum quantity whatsoever. And
now Neon colors for the Allegro mean added brightness to designs.

The Allegro’s advanced in-line printing process breaks down
the barriers and is opening up a whole new world for the home décor industry.

So whether its a bohemian look, country chic or modern
Italian – With Kornit Allegro Neon colors, there is no limit to what you can
do.  The only limitation is your


The Allegro
is ideal for:

Customized products and short runs – print small quantities from
just 1 meter.

Printing with a wide color gamut that now includes Neon colors
(for even brighter applications)

Printing locally – The Allegro’s inline printing process
simplifies the entire process – a seamless and efficicient Direct-to-Fabric
process that completely eliminates pre-treatment.


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