Hit a Home Run With These Sports Game Get-up Tips

Nogah Senecky
January 30, 2023

This month, the world will celebrate 55 years since the first Super Bowl game took place in 1967. In honor of this historic milestone, we’ve decided to examine the impact of fashion on sports fans’ habits. Here’s how the clothes people wear to the game impact their happiness and satisfaction. 


Outstanding Prints Get Everyone’s Attention 


People go to sports games to watch and be watched. Research finds that the social aspect of big games may be more important to fans than the game itself. 54% of gamegoers state that being social is their main reason for attending major games, whereas only 49% chose the sports event per se. 


The desire to be chosen for an audience challenge, get featured on the Kiss Cam, or just catch everyone’s attention drives fans to dress for the occasion. Some fans choose crazy costumes, while others invest in unique, top-quality merchandise. Opting for vivid colors and 3D prints like Kornit’s XDi decorative applications is a great way to stand out from the crowd. 


Staying True to Your Team’s Colors


Fans wear EVERYTHING in their favorite team’s colors. Studies show that they support and encourage their team via fashion choices, and when a team wins, the odds of fans wearing team apparel double and even triple. 


That’s why getting the colors exactly right means the world. Wearing the team’s colors is a statement, letting the world know which community you consider yourself a part of. Getting the colors wrong is like printing the wrong logo or misspelling the top player’s name on the back of a jersey. 


The same goes for color-related errors such as dye migration, a known but preventable problem in polyester printing. Technologies like the Kornit Atlas MAX Poly allow businesses to perfect the print, which is always essential and becomes even more crucial when team loyalty is at the center. 


Going Long With Durable Outfits and Prints 


There are many myths about what sports fans do to support their teams, and researching the truth behind them is fascinating. Sports fans are, indeed, very superstitious. They have different rituals that they consider lucky, with one of the most common being wearing the same outfit. Nearly 40% will wear their lucky hat or jersey for every game, even if they stay home and watch it on TV. 


One myth that thankfully isn’t true is the belief that fans do not wash these items between games. Less than 1% will refrain from washing their lucky item, resulting in multiple wash cycles in a relatively short period. Durability plays a leading role in keeping those lucky items wearable and in great shape over time. 


To keep sports fans happy, give them high-quality, creative prints that do not migrate or fade, no matter how often you wear or wash them. Keep those prints unique, precise, and vivid to win their hearts whether or not their team wins the game.