HD technology revealed…The secrets of DTG printing.

Noga Chen
March 23, 2018

Manufacturing today is not what it was 5 years ago. Consumer habits are not today what they were 5 years ago either.

You may be wondering how you can adopt DTG to make money,

how you can scale the DTG printer you have to make more money.

The market has changed and it’s important to know why it’s happening, but more important to know how your business can benefit from these changes.

January of this year marked the unveiling of Kornit Digital’s new flagship system, the Avalanche HD6. It launched major advancements for the direct-to-garment industry:
increasing productivity, decreasing ink consumption, and the most refined hand-feel in the industry, without sacrificing color vibrancy or a higher price tag.

No matter on what scale you are printing, HD technology is equipped to tackle any run length head-on while streamlining your process and growing your business. Avalanche HD, based on enhanced NeoPigment™, is designed for cost efficiency and quality to match retail standards.

How did this quantum leap across all textile printing occur? A panel of presenters from Hirsch Solutions, SanMar, and ColorGATE and representatives from Kornit
Digital presented a webinar on the 13/3 to discuss the new HD technology, including its implications for apparel, system preference, color-matching, and
production and quality.


hear the whole webinar, go to: