Growing Our CreŌSphere of Influence in a Demanding Fashion Industry

Robert Zoch
November 18, 2021

Recently, Kornit Digital teamed with Creazioni Digitali and a group of illustrious designers and thought leaders in Italy’s Como region to demonstrate and explore their mutual vision for a more sustainable, agile, on-demand production model that empowers unlimited creativity without sacrificing quality—faster and more profitably than ever.

This is why the event was dubbed CreŌSphere, symbolizing creativity, inspiration, open minds, and endless opportunities.

CreŌSphere took place over two days and included an evening event at the splendid Villa Erba in Cernobbio, followed by a live production demonstration at the CreŌ Center, the experimental center of innovative digital printing company Creazioni Digitali.

The Beautiful Villa Erba Estate in Como, Italy

The event attracted about 150 knowledgeable and insightful leaders from all corners of the fashion and textile world, including designers, producers, brand representatives, and others to hear such guest speakers as:

  • Fulvio Alvisi, lecturer in Textile Design at the IED and former member of the Board of Directors of Villa Erba, who provided a tour and discussion of the historic site with an emphasis on the role it’s played in both fashion and cinema.
  • Giusy Bettoni, CEO and Founder of C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle And Sustainable Synergy), who addressed the issue of sustainable innovation and the concrete application of green principles in the company’s business.
  • Ronen Samuel, CEO of Kornit Digital, who shared his thoughts and insights on how to transform the notoriously-polluting fashion and textile industries into a beacon of sustainability while leveraging the opportunities of the new digital era.
  • Roberto Lucini, CEO of Creazioni Digitali, forerunner of digital textile printing Made in Como, who shared with the audience his direct experience and how it is possible to offer a green, qualitative and accessible service.
  • Stefano Babbini, CEO of Mogu, environmental engineer, business developer and entrepreneur of Clean Tech and Bio-Economy,  who shared his latest case on experimental textile production based on mushrooms.
Creazioni Digitali CEO Roberto Lucini at Work

Attendees, including designers whose works were on display, were amazed by the quality that can be achieved with modern digitized capabilities, and how our end-to-end production model can transform their way of doing business and approaching markets.

According to Samuel, “Creazioni Digitali is a recognised leader and innovator in Como and Kornit is proud to partner with them as we write the operating system for sustainable fashion on demand. We see a shift in the textile and fashion industry, and digital will be a catalyst for modernizing the business, breaking the barriers between imagination and physical applications, connecting consumers and fulfillers on a global scale, and truly realizing a new model providing both sustainability and profitability, free of waste. Together we are showing producers how to create more with less, shrink their carbon footprint, and deliver unlimited expression while transcending the environmental, overproduction, and logistical pains that have plagued the industry.”

The second part of the event was an Open Day at the CreŌ Center, the production and experimental center of Creazioni Digitali. Here, responsible innovation is one of the pillars on which machines and processes are built, in order to ensure sustainability and innovation. Visitors had the opportunity to go “behind the scenes” of the excellence of Como’s textile digital printing and touch the potential of Kornit Digital’s Presto S and Atlas Max, as well as discover the curiosities, processes, and ideas that lead the sustainability concept of the two partner companies.

Adds Lucini, “We started believing in and implementing processes with a reduced impact on the environment back in 2016, when few, very few people were talking about sustainability. The pandemic did not dampen our desire to invest in technological innovation and sustainability, hence the desire to forge this relationship with Kornit Digital. From my point of view, this is a great opportunity not only for Creazioni Digitali, but for the entire Como textile district, which is called upon to respond with strength, continuity, and credibility to issues linked to sustainability and the environment.”

Kornit Presto Is the Cornerstone of Creazioni Digitali’s Sustainable, Single-Step Process for Efficient Microfactory Production on Demand

Among other clients, Creazioni Digitali provides print services to designers such as LOVE HERO’s Joshua Scacheri, whose brand reflects a commitment to eco-consciousness. Scacheri was among the many attendees at CreŌSphere.