Giving fabrics the Kornit touch with our new Softener

Nogah Senecky
March 22, 2020

Here at Kornit, we understand that the textile printing process consists of many different stages, with each stage adding value that can turn a regular (or even negative) customer experience into a success story of happiness and loyalty.

When developing new innovations, we base our choices on many conversations with the people who need them, including various types of printing businesses, retailers around the world, and consumers. We’ve learned that while many of you enjoy a colorful and vibrant print, you also need soft hand-feel of printed garments to get a wider range of fashion applications. In order to allow printing businesses to offer customers a perfect result on any level, we’ve recently invented and are now proudly launching the NeoPigment™ ROBUSTO Softener, which is currently available for Kornit’s Presto systems. Here’s what makes this genius product, well, genius:


You can feel the difference (literally!)

In the fierce competition surrounding the retail market, taking the extra step is what helps you expand your customer base and drive retention and loyalty. By making sure that your garments are soft to the touch, you’ll offer superior quality to shoppers while enjoying vibrant colors and an increased color gamut volume. You’ll soon discover that in addition to current customers who rely on your business more, doors open to new verticals within specific industries like fashion, children and babies, home textile, and many others.


Your process, however, will remain the same

If your initial reaction was to assume that Kornit’s softener will require additional work, pre-treatments and other headache-inducing steps – think again. We remain committed to Kornit’s signature single-step process and using the softener will not require any further investment of time or effort on your part. You will also be able to continue using the same fabrics you love, as the softener is suitable for a broad range of fabrics. Finally, you’ll only need to use the softener as needed and based on your specific business requirements, which will result in a cost-efficient conduct.


Mother Earth will thank you

We must protect our blue planet by opting for sustainable solutions in textile. That’s one of our core values at Kornit and we definitely kept it in mind when developing the new product. The NeoPigment™ ROBUSTO Softener leads to zero water waste and uses less chemicals and electricity. It meets the highest environmental regulation and is Eco-Passport and GOTS certified.

We couldn’t be prouder of the new addition to Kornit’s family of products, and thank you for always contributing useful feedback that leads us to new innovations. We invite you to contact our experts and learn more about Kornit’s new softener!