Get Ready for the Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv!

Robert Zoch
March 24, 2021

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Kornit is thrilled to co-host the Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv, which is broadcasted this year on Channel 13 for the very first time. Fashion Week Tel-Aviv was founded and is led by the famous fashion producer Motty Reif. We’re happy to join the party and put together an incredible event that will take place between the dates March 28th and April 1st.  

This is an opportunity for Kornit to encourage conversations around sustainable, innovative fashion solutions that will march our industry forward and make sure it’s moving in the right direction. We’ve got a few surprises up our fashionable sleeve, and here are a few we can share right now.

A focus on sustainability

Fashion Week is a celebration of creativity, and Kornit’s digital printing solutions enable fashion designers to bring their artistic vision to life faster, more accurately, and without harming the environment. This year’s Fashion Week theme is sustainability, and the event will showcase innovating ways for sustainable production and consumption. We’ll highlight wasteful production methods in the fashion world and offers actionable solutions that are already within reach, such as on-demand manufacturing. This approach eliminates overstock and unnecessary production, saving waste, time, and money. 

Our company’s CEO, Ronen Samuel, described it perfectly when stating that “Kornit has led the charge for on-demand production, and our innovations ensure fashion designers can deliver brilliant designs, limitless color combinations, the finest hand-feel, and unparalleled durability, all while changing the game with production practices that are simultaneously more profitable, more responsive to spontaneous and shifting demand, and more eco-responsible.”

Women’s rights take the stage

As part of our social impact vision, the organizers of Fashion Week are proud to offer a stage and a voice to the important cause of fighting violence against women. 

Shira Isakov, a domestic violence survivor who touched the hearts of so many after surviving a murder attempt by her now ex-husband, walks the runway during the Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv, wearing clothes that symbolize her newfound freedom and safety. Because digital or not, fashion should always put people first.      

Nothing is more important than bringing social impact issues to the front and harnessing the public attention Fashion Week receives to make a difference. It’s amazing to see so many talented people work together to bring this vision to life. Join us for a Fashion Week like no other and stay tuned for more exciting surprises and revelations.