Get a Glimpse of the Bright Future Ahead at Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv

Sharon Donovich
March 31, 2022

Kornit’s cutting-edge technology, processes, and software solutions have been at the forefront of sustainable, on-demand fashion technology manufacturing for nearly two decades, and we’re about to showcase the culmination of that innovation with our most ambitious fashtech exhibition yet. 

This alternative fashion platform is the face of a revolution that has empowered designers to create full collections – all of them sustainably manufactured for diverse models of all shapes and sizes – within weeks, for their unveiling at Kornit Fashion Weeks in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, as well as New York Fashion Week.

Now more than ever, with supply chain disruptions, climate change, and other acute global issues seeming to rise almost daily, the ability to connect fashion and technology is essential to transcending the many limitations and challenges fashion grapples with today. This transformation Kornit offers significantly shortens processes, while providing the most eco-responsible and sustainable solution in concert with superior digital printing capabilities.

The most exciting aspect of this advanced tech solution is likely its capacity for unlocking endless fashion possibilities, while making the world cleaner and more sustainable with on-demand sustainable production for apparel, accessories, home decor, and many other applications. 

Direct and Indirect Impact

“Fashion is the second-most polluting industry in the world, and due to its current business model, 30% overproduction is built into the way the fashion industry does business,” says Omer Kulka, Kornit’s CMO. “This alone is responsible for wasting over 140 trillion liters of water a year. That’s over 16 years of drinking water for the entire planet’s population.” 

Kornit’s technology is actually changing the way fashion is being made, in order to allow on-demand, sustainable manufacturing that is completely dry. With Kornit, everything is purely sustainable, suitable for even the most demanding sustainability standards – as in California, which has some of the tightest environmental regulations in the world. That’s the immediate impact Kornit’s tech has. 

Still, there is also an indirect impact that is much broader. Changing the way we produce and consume actually changes the way we behave and creates a much larger impact on the environment, far beyond Kornit’s specific technology and its ability to minimize water use and waste. 

A Chance to See the Change in Action

By enabling unlimited graphic capabilities, without minimum quantities, for profitable localized production, Kornit’s technology offers individual designers a business model, creativity, and opportunity that did not exist before, and enables them to create capsule collections. This opens the market for everyone, without risk. 

With its growing network of global apparel and textile fulfillers, Kornit is democratizing access to the technology that will drive the future of fashion, and this promises an explosion of creativity. Attendees to the upcoming Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv event will be able to see that bright future up close.

Our exhibition will showcase true end-to-end production capabilities and brilliant expression without limitations, as rendered by world-renowned fashion designers, demonstrating how sustainable on-demand production can coexist with dazzling beauty and uncompromising quality.

The world of fashion is ready and looking for a change, unified in acknowledging the way it was and the way it is cannot persist. Kornit’s solution will open possibilities and opportunities to more creators, smaller brands, and individual designers, while also transforming the game for well-known legacy brands as well. Join us in Tel Aviv to learn how.