Game of Trends: Easy Textile Hacks for Styling Your Space Based on Your Favorite Trends

Maor Yur
May 19, 2019

As we’re saying goodbye to Game of Thrones, it’s time to acknowledge one of the show’s creators’ smartest moves, which was building an entire fictional universe around the show. Thanks to well-developed, well-rounded characters, a messy background story, and lots of patience, viewers were able to submerge themselves in the GOT world and escape reality for a moment (or, better yet, eight seasons).
And now, fans of the show who refuse to believe the final episode is upon us have been searching for ways to keep the GOT trend going. A great way of doing that is by designing the spaces we live in to reflect the trends we most connect with. Here are a few tricks to help them, and you, achieve this goal:

If winter is coming – stay home

Home styling is a trend in its own right, and when cleverly combined with a popular phenomenon like Game of Thrones, it creates a very unique kind of magic. Fans of the show have been altering their homes to look like specific spaces and characters from the GOT universe, to include signature elements like the throne itself, or simply to reflect the general dark and dramatic vibe of the show.

To reach this look using printed fabrics, you’ll need printing solutions capable of producing high-quality results on specific fabrics used for linens, curtains, rugs, and upholstery. In addition, since no one wants to renovate their home every other year, results would have to be long-lasting and robust. If you wish to include the GOT design trend in exterior spaces, you’ll also want the printed fabrics to handle different weather conditions (because, like we’ve said, winter is coming).

You’re invited to the red wedding
A very specific type of space styling is planning and designing your space for a special event. We’ve seen beautifully designed weddings and awesome bachelorette parties inspired by the hit show. What’s great about this idea is that it not only shapes a very unique event, but also reflects the personality of the people hosting it, and creates memorable moments guests will be speaking of for years to come.

To design your GOT event, you’ll once again need to deal with many different types of fabric, and this time it might be a bit more challenging. That is because the issue here isn’t printing on home decor fabrics, but instead printing of the crazy textures that suit GOT-inspired costumes (fake fur, anyone?). You’ll need printers that can tackle natural fabrics, as well as synthetic ones and blend of both.

Event planning is all about letting your imagination run wild, and you simply cannot allow any fabric or color limitations to hold you back. Once those issues are resolved, the only thing left to do is invite us to your party.

Move fast – no one will hold the door
The above tips work with any trend you wish to follow, but they all require moving faster and completing your design task while these trends are still hot and relevant. If you find keeping up with the plot of Game of Thrones challenging, just try staying on top of fashion in today’s ever-changing world.

In the print industry, this means cutting procedures short without taking away from the final product. Enhanced curing procedures and a single-step printing process are a great place to start.

Creating a hit show that keeps viewers captivated and engaged for eight seasons is something to be proud of, but so is building the system that’s able to make all of the above dreams come true. To learn more about the Kornit Presto, schedule your demo with Kornit at ITMA 2019 and start printing your very own garments of thrones.