From Pixels to Sold-Out Item

Maor Yur
June 8, 2022

Alef Alef’s New Collection Includes a Unique Piece Made Possible by Kornit Technology


At Kornit, we’re always seeking out new collaborations with the industry’s finest innovators. Our most recent collaboration has been with the stunning Israeli brand Alef Alef. This women’s clothing brand focuses on smart and stylish looks for any occasion. They’ve been designing creative new products for 18 years, having been founded by Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem graduates Efrat Levin and Ayelet Hermel.

Kornit has had the fantastic opportunity to work together with these mold-breaking designers. Their unique approach focuses on using high-quality materials to give women clothing they can wear again and again and again.

Into the Wild

We worked with Alef Alef to develop one part of their new collection, Into the Wild. This unique collection features many floral and other natural elements, stylized to match the brand’s aesthetic. The collection combines both high-presence clothing and smooth fabrics to create a beautiful tension within each outfit.

Kornit XDi is used to produce one of the collection’s pieces, a flowing gray tank top with a stunning floral design. Alef Alef found out about the unique opportunities that Kornit provides through our outreach during Kornit Fashion Week. We’ve been drumming up attention throughout the industry with the opportunities that our technology provides for increased sustainability and versatility.

The collection launched on May 17th. The unique approach that Kornit provides allowed Alef Alef to try out a small batch using the latest technological developments to ensure that it was the right fit before further production. That’s a major part of how Kornit is helping designers engage in more responsible production. After only four days, the collection piece that Alef Alef printed with Kornit was sold out.

Kornit XDi

Kornit XDi is another technology from Kornit that gives designers at all scales access to even more options when creating their collections. This unique technology applies the principles of 3D printing to textile printing, letting creators simulate the appearance of embroidery and other innovative effects.

This new tech opens the doors to many potential opportunities to achieve the look of embroidery where it wouldn’t be possible. The expense of embroidery can make designs unviable and price small creators out of the market. Not only that, but many materials simply aren’t stable enough for embroidery. Kornit XDi achieves the look and feel of embroidery while overcoming those obstacles.

Kornit XDi creates these unique 3D patterns through the XDi Digitizer Tool. This software takes a creator’s 2D design and generates ready-to-print 3D effects with unique textures. XDi doesn’t just make these innovative 3D designs possible. It makes the process straightforward and accessible for all creators to use.

In the case of Alef Alef, the flow and smoothness of the fabric were an integral part of the collection’s style. Applying embroidery to achieve the look they wanted in the floral design of their gray tank top in cotton would lead to stiff, heavy fabric. Kornit provided them with an alternative that let them achieve the style they were looking for without compromising on the look and feel of their fabric.

Kornit XDi also delivers much faster results. Embroidery is a time and labor-intensive process that isn’t always viable. Kornit XDi printing is many times faster and is even faster than silk screen printing as well. For both small and large production, Kornit XDi delivers something that no other printing technology can provide.

Alef Alef was incredibly pleased with the results and the process of Kornit XDi. Co-found Efrat Levin told us:

“It’s impressive to see an automatic machine that prints clothes and fabrics just like a home printer – a process that makes it easier and more contemporary. There is a direct transition of what they designed on a computer to printing.”

More From Kornit

Kornit XDi is just one of the many innovative technologies that Kornit develops to reach new horizons in fashion production. We provide options for creators of all kinds, whether they’re just starting out or in need of large-scale production.

In addition to our industry-leading textile printing technology, Kornit also provides unique solutions for fulfillers and brands. Creators can have their designs printed on-demand and shipped from the closest Kornit partner to their customers with the KornitX global fulfillment network.

The Latest Styles From Alef Alef

We strongly recommend that everyone check out Alef Alef and their latest collection. You’ll find an extensive range of truly unique styles, along with the Wild gray tank top made in collaboration with Kornit. Alef Alef is at the forefront of Israeli fashion, and their collections have something for everyone.