For the Children: Ditoga Uses DTG to Serve Those in Need

Robert Zoch
July 9, 2020

Based in Afferden, Netherlands, Ditoga specializes in printing, embroidery, and sublimation of customized clothing, including t-shirts, polos, sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, blouses, fleece, body warmers, and baby apparel. Four years ago, the company implemented the Kornit Avalanche system for efficient digital direct-to-garment printing on demand.

As school uniforms constituted a significant portion of their product demand, the onset of COVID-19 restrictions had an immediate impact on their business.

“With schools closed, sales of our print-on-demand apparel went down quickly,” says Enrico Willems, Co-Owner at Ditoga.

Thankfully, repurposing Ditoga’s production line to create protective face masks was a breeze, as their sewing department—a 35-year mainstay of the operation—was accustomed to flexibility and adapting to evolving consumer needs.

“We’ve been donating masks to the Children’s Food Bank Foundation, which serves vulnerable children in their time of need,” says Willems.