Five reasons you’ll fall in love with printing on recycled cotton denim

Maor Yur
May 3, 2022

Denim is one of the world’s most popular fashion textiles. With 450 million pairs of jeans sold annually, denim has been a staple in every wardrobe since the 1960s. According to Cotton Inc., six out of ten consumers say they” love or enjoy” living in their denim, and that they own around six to nine pairs at any given time.

There’s no denying that denim is here to stay, but at what cost? 

The environmental impact of the production and printing of cotton denim is staggering. A study by Levi Strauss & Co. found that manufacturing just one pair of jeans produces vast amounts of solid waste and air pollution, consumes 3781 gallons of water, and adds toxic pollutants to our waterways through the use of indigo dyes and chemicals.

The solution the fashion industry has been looking for

With so much waste, printing on recycled cotton denim is the solution fashion has been looking for. Kornit’s Presto MAX on-demand digital printing system is revolutionizing the denim industry with on-demand digital textile printing. These new capabilities provide custom decorators, fulfillment centers, and vertically integrated companies the flexibility, sustainability, and creativity to print small quantities cost-effectively, and with short fulfillment times.

Take a look at these 5 reasons you’ll fall in love with printing on recycled cotton denim and discover the future of on-demand textile printing for yourself:

1. Sustainability

By printing on recycled cotton denim, the fashion industry doesn’t have to be as wasteful as it once was. As a business, you can now reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating excess waste and delivering high-quality, vivid textiles with water-based eco-friendly ink. Pairing 100% sustainability with quality is our commitment to creating a more environmentally responsible textile industry.

2. White printing on colored fabrics

Kornit Presto MAX is the only fabric printing solution to offer a white ink on black fabric capability on recycled cotton denim. Now you can print white wash or stone wash right onto recycled denim without the harsh chemicals and pumice stone waste.

3. One-Step Solution

With Kornit’s Presto MAX, you can now enjoy the flexibility of a single-step fabric printing solution with no need for pre or post-treatment. Your business can be more profitable with all the energy, labor costs, and time you can save.

4. Unlimited Creativity

Now more than ever, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Go crazy, print one, or print one hundred. If you can dream it, print it. Kornit’s Presto MAX enables you to be profitable from the first run.

5. On-Demand Printing

With a low barrier to entry and the ability to print any quantity, Kornit’s Presto MAX enables even a small business to think big and grow fast by optimizing operations with shorter production times and profitable short runs, to meet consumer demands with more efficiency.

Whether your business sells finished goods or ready-to-use fabrics, harness Presto MAX’s print technology on recycled cotton denim, and fall in love with new growth and endless possibilities.

Learn more about how Kornit is revolutionizing the denim textile industry and how you can be a part of it! Contact us today.