Why the NY & LA Fashion scenes signify Kornit’s big leap forward

Omer Kulka
October 5, 2021



These are very exciting times at Kornit as we finish wrapping up a very successful collaboration with threeASFOUR at NY Fashion Week, the Mecca of Fashion, and gear up for Kornit Fashion Week LA — our own alternative platform designed to bring sustainability, diversity and inclusiveness to the forefront of fashion.  

Our integration with both events place us at the heart of the fashion industry, providing us with unparalleled opportunity to affect the kind of change we’ve been preaching — embedding us in a position to rewrite the source code of fashion, and change its actual operating system.

The threeASFOUR collection was entirely conceived, created and presented locally in NYC, allowing us on fashion’s biggest stage to demonstrate the exciting possibility of rethinking traditional supply chains with on-demand production, and radically shortening the cycle time from concept to catwalk and from there to the consumer. Instead of designing next year’s collection in one place, having to source materials from multiple locations, manufacture in the Far East and spend infinite time and money to ship it around the world, Kornit has created a model to do everything in one place; and more importantly, to do it literally blocks away from the end shopper. This model not only challenges the industry’s age-old MO, it’s truly revolutionary because it empowers the individual designer’s wildest dreams by enabling immediate commercialization – from concept to customer’s doorstep.

This also has a tremendous impact on the environment; significantly reducing the carbon footprint of shipping, eliminating the tonnes of excess inventory that end up in landfills each year, as well as the exorbitant amounts of water used and the chemicals and toxins released into the water during the traditional production process. The revolution that Kornit brings to the industry is multi-layered, creating a ripple effect that touches upon every facet of production, from pixel to parcel, from earth, water and air.

An Alternative Platform

But even as NY Fashion Week was a great success by any standard, the eye is on the real prize, and that is undoubtedly Kornit Fashion Week LA that will happen in the first week of November. With this event, we are setting our sights on creating an alternative fashion week; one that creates a platform to ensure collections are manufactured responsibly, and that encourages independent designers and established brands alike to begin thinking and manufacturing sustainably. 

This means in terms of being both mindful of the impact on the environment and the society; being more inclusive, more diverse and more transparent. Sustainable on-demand production means we produce only what we truly desire, and nothing more, and is fully aligned with the desires and expectations of today’s “new” consumer. This radically reduces water waste, excess inventory, overproduction and the high cost of logistics to ship all across the globe. Ultimately, sustainable production is a net positive on profits as well.

Democratizing Fashion

All the above factors all converge to lower the entrance barrier to bringing new collections to market by making textile production faster, easier and more affordable, in effect democratizing the industry; enabling anyone to become a creator, empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs to bring their creativity to market, and above all, transforming the fashion industry to become sustainable.

Kornit Fashion Week LA will be a fantastic opportunity to witness the latest innovations in FashionTech and take a dive into the implications these have on the industry, as well as on each and everyone of us who loves to express themselves through fashion, whether it be a t-shirt with a powerful and life-affirming slogan, to high fashion in its most elaborate and flamboyant manifestations — because there is nothing more powerful than man and woman’s deep need for self-expression.