Fashion Revolution Week

Maor Yur
April 18, 2022

It’s the start of Fashion Revolution Week, and this year’s theme is MONEY FASHION POWER. Each year, global advocacy organization Fashion Revolution highlights a different issue in the fashion industry. In 2022, they’re empowering citizens to demand a more equal, transparent, and regenerative fashion industry where money is distributed fairly and garment workers are treated with dignity and respect. 

By encouraging citizens to ask brands “Who Made My Clothes?” and “What’s In My Clothes?” every year since 2014, Fashion Revolution has led the charge for greater transparency in the fashion industry, proving that consumers can influence change and make their voices heard. This week, we’re asking: “Who Printed My Fabric?” to encourage transparency and open up a dialogue between Kornit and our consumers.

Fashion Revolution’s values reflect Kornit’s mission to reimagine the fashion industry with environmental sustainability at the core of this transformation. Together with Fashion Revolution, we’re passionate about challenging the status quo, finding innovative new ways to become more sustainable in our practices, and change the future of fashion one impression at a time.