Fashion inventories are getting skinnier…and this is how its being done.

Noga Chen
March 18, 2018

Brands are reducing their inventories…not because they want to but because they have to. Old fashion is out of fashion in no time…and no retailer can take the risk of getting stuck with old stock. Take Nordstrom’s inventory less store – a flagship store that keeps almost no inventory. It’s a new concept and might be reality that will stay. This flagship store offers boutique type services with in house stylists and
catalogs to browse through.  A place to get fashion advice, make choices and purchases… that you’ll pick up or receive in a few days.

For consumers, the choice of apparel remains endless. When you scroll
through online stores it seems that stocks are overflowing..but are they?

Brands are shuffling goods around as they are ordered and are keeping low inventories in actual shops…it’s a battle to find the fine balance between keep enough stocks but not overstocking, and being able to ship goods on time.

But there is an answer to these challenges.

With Digital Textile Printing inventories can be a thing of the past. You can sell what you have yet
to produce…be it in an inventory less store or on an ecommerce platform.

You can keep a large catalog or even offer unique, customized goods.

Digital printing means that one-offs are not a big deal…they are the norm.

When textile printing can shift from mass production to lean, controlled production on demand..that  means good things for everyone

–          For the environment – no more mass production and
the waste that comes with it – waste of resources, space, time and money.

–          For manufacturers – reduced risk of inventory – produce on demand and never turn another short run down again

–          For the consumer – your imagination can be printed…every garment can be unique

And it doesn’t end there…all textiles can be printed on demand and that
extends the market so much further. Home fabrics can be customized and printed per meter as they needed.

Seems too good to be true?

Listen to how FMO, India are producing apparel and home décor products on
demand using clean production methods that are sustainable, practical and fast.