Fall in Love With These 4 Fall Textile Printing Tips

Nogah Senecky
February 16, 2023

The fall season has been in full force for a few weeks now, but as meteorologists predicted, it was still quite warm in many regions worldwide up until recently. This is an alarming reminder of what climate change is capable of and a chance for retailers worldwide to prepare for the colder part of the season. Here are four ways to build a fall-proof fashion strategy. 


Fickle Fall 


Transition seasons can be unpredictable, with hot days followed by rain and very different temperatures at various hours of the day. This means that brands should be prepared to offer all types of clothes and change their already-short collections regularly. In addition to a quicker turnaround, the risk of producing items only for them to become irrelevant is higher than usual. 


On-demand production enables retailers to solve this puzzle by immediately answering customers’ current weather needs and avoiding unsold stock. 


Multiple Layers, Multiple Fabrics


A common recommendation for the fall season is to dress in layers. This ‘onion’ method allows people to add and remove items according to the hourly temperature. Combining breathing, light layers with thicker ones requires multiple fabric types, which not every manufacturer can offer. 


Kornit enables manufacturers to print on multiple fabrics using a single operator. Machines specializing in popular materials such as polyester, like the Atlas Max Poly, are also available. Saving time, money, and space while producing more options to answer market demands is the answer. 


Naturally Fashionable 


The fall color palette is based on striking colors like orange, brown, red, and yellow. The inspiration comes from the beautifully changing leaves we see everywhere and seasonal holidays like Halloween (pumpkins, anyone?). Printing in vivid, accurate colors is vital because not every shade of brown is fall fashion material. 


Manufacturers should opt for reliable color-matching capabilities and durable prints that can survive the broad range of weathers each item is likely to encounter. 


Winds of Change


Nature really does affect fall fashion, and not just by inspiring the color palette. The noticeable change of seasons reminds us just how powerful mother earth is and how fragile it can be. Protecting nature using sustainable solutions is always critical, but fall serves as a good reminder. 


We opened this article by discussing the hotter-than-usual weather many regions are experiencing, and we’ll end it with a call for action. Making environmentally conscious manufacturing choices that respect nature is the most essential trend, every season of the year.