Endless home-textile design possibilities with the Kornit Allegro

Noga Chen
August 31, 2016

One look at Skyline Furniture’s showroom at the Las Vegas
Market center is all it takes to understand where home textile is headed in
terms of technology, customization and market demand.

Remember when only those with money could afford
custom-designed upholstery for their furniture?
Thanks to a totally innovative application of the Kornit Allegro,
Skyline Furniture has emerged ready for the future, offering retailers such as
Costco, Kohl’s, Target and others the opportunity to sell custom-made furniture
to their shoppers, on-demand.

With today’s advanced technology, ordering custom-made
furniture design is very similar to ordering a unique t-shirt print online.  Much like browsing various t-shirt designs on
a website, today’s couch shoppers visit a store, find their dream couch, and
select a fabric print from a nearby tablet offering hundreds of options.  (If you have trouble with too much selection,
caveat emptor!)  They choose their
favorite, clicks “buy”, pays and 48 hours later – he gets his
brand-new, totally custom couch right at his doorstep.

This is the brilliant concept behind Skyline Furniture,
supported by the Kornit Allegro technology.

And this exact flow can happen entirely online.  

With the Allegro’s ability of printing any print on any
fabric type, on demand, with one ink set and no pre-treatment, the entire
printing process happens within 6 minutes from the moment you click
“print”.  The ease of adjusting
the Kornit Allegro with any fabric cutting system makes the way from this point
to the finished product even shorter.

This is how you expand your business. The right technology
supporting the cost, speed and possibilities, and the creative mind that knows
how to seize the opportunity and make it accessible to all.

We can’t wait for Skyline Furniture’s new website to go live
and fill homes across the USA with vivid and creatively-covered furniture.  

You can visit their website at