Empowering Creators on National DIY Day

Robert Zoch
April 4, 2021


The Kornit Fashion Week TLV 2023 event was a great opportunity to remind us that digital textile printing isn’t merely about creating production efficiency and hard-dollar business benefits, but adding a splash of color to the world we inhabit. Creating a more eco-friendly industry need not be boring or bland, and Kornit is leading the way in breaking down barriers between the creations in our minds and the creations we can apply to our clothing, our homes, our accessories – most anything made of everyday fabrics.



They say the human eye can see up to a million tones of color, and we’re working to make every one of them achievable in textiles. The human mind can configure those colors into an infinite assortment of designs, both simple and complex, and digital promises that creators will someday be able to introduce those designs to the world without limitation. At Kornit Digital, we’re investing millions of dollars in research and development to deliver on that promise – and in a way that adds up to good business sense. We’ve also partnered with terrific businesses like Gerber Technology, whose workflow and cutting systems complement our systems to enable effective microfactory production models that bring custom fabrics closer to the end customer, streamlining supply chains and fulfilling creativity faster.



Today is National Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Day, and we celebrate with a world of creative people out there. Our single-step, pigment-based, on-demand and eco-friendly systems are empowering designers, entrepreneurs and fulfillers alike. Whether they’re creating their own designs, transforming something they saw on social media into a textile or building their own online brand, Kornit is providing the tools and technology they need to experiment, to turn ideas into businesses, and to transform existing businesses into sustainable enterprises.

With the rise of e-commerce, designers, social-media influencers and entrepreneurs are finding it easier than ever to bring great ideas (ie designs) to market. Creating an online shop has never been easier, and with on-demand production, this new breed of dreamers no longer has to commit to purchasing inventory up-front.

On the other side of the equation we find consumers who increasingly demand to know where and how their fabrics are being manufactured, so grows the need for more eco-friendly solutions. Ones that use less water and energy resources, that are toxin-free, that radically reduce the amount of waste and excess inventory.

With Kornit’s new direct-to-fabric (R2R) systems, we are empowering more and more entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to market, lowering the barriers for business, while providing them with the eco-friendly mode of manufacturing that their customers want.

From a creative perspective, Kornit’s R2R is also introducing a new standard of what’s possible — providing HD, retail quality on natural fabrics with previously unimagined hand-feel.

It’s a win-win for the DIY crowd.

As our friend Sarah Ward, Senior Vice President at Spoonflower, puts it, “When you have 1.8 million designs, you simply can’t stock that many fabrics in one place—so the ability to print on demand, not only does it make for the world’s largest marketplace of designs, but it’s inherently sustainable and eco-friendly.” Spoonflower is but one on-demand producer whose success depends on the reliability of Kornit Presto, which offers precise and consistent color matching, Softener solution to meet the quality and handfeel demands of any designer worldwide, and certified-sustainable inks and fixation to assure creators and end-customers alike their goods are responsibly made and safe for all ages.

In 2023, adopting digital production on demand is the brilliant solution – both on paper, and on fabric. If you’re one of the many creators transforming their designs into stylish finished goods this National DIY Day, Kornit Digital salutes you, and is forever at your service.