Adopting a sustainable approach to fashion with print on demand

Maor Yur
April 2, 2020

During these turbulent times, individuals and businesses are required to reexamine many decisions and choices that were previously done without a second thought. Staying indoors all day long and dealing with a new (albeit temporary) reality forces us all to deal with the impact of our actions on the environment. It’s interesting to see how the idea of social distancing has actually brought us closer together as an industry and global community.  


If you’re looking for new ways to increase the positive impact of your retail business, here are three ideas:  


Be kinder to your neighbors


The massive number of unused garments that are thrown away each year are believed to make up 7% of all landfills globally. This devastating amount often finds its way to third-world countries that are forced to suffer the polluting consequences of western shoppers. If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the current global outbreak, it’s that we are all part of a global community where one person’s actions affect the rest of the state and even the world. Minimizing fashion waste is a step that must be taken. 

Be kinder to your business


Let us not forget that wasted garments cost a lot of money to make. With such a large amount never fulfilling its destiny, businesses invest plenty of money and effort for no reason at all. The result is a business that suffers from cost-efficiency issues of overproduction, unnecessary utility expenses, wasted materials, and more. With the current crisis affecting so many businesses and individuals financially, we can no longer overlook this costly situation.  


Be kinder to the environment 


Wasted fashion items hurt our blue planet in many different ways. They fill landfills, use polluting chemicals and materials, waste a lot of water, and demand packaging that adds to all of the above. Many businesses need to recreate their manufacturing process so that it takes every factor into account. 


The solution: Print on demand 


Print on demand makes so much sense, it’s hard to believe that it’s a relatively new concept in retail. Instead of printing huge amounts of items and hoping to sell as many as possible, we switch things around and only print what was already purchased. Faster and smarter printing technologies enable us to respond to shoppers’ needs in real-time and save us the need to prepare stock in advance. 

The eco-friendly result saves time, money, water, energy, and a lot of heartaches. In addition, Kornit’s printing process uses environmentally friendly materials that are kinder to the environment on any level. 


But don’t take it from me:


We now have a unique opportunity to turn things around and come out of this crisis stronger and better than ever. Learn more about print on demand and find out how it can help your business and the environmental sustainability