How the Presto MAX Answers Today’s Direct-to-Fabric Printing Needs

Nogah Senecky
October 24, 2021


Our previous post discussed a few key challenges that the Direct-to-Fabric printing industry must deal with. Today, we’re proud to reveal Kornit’s solution, which answers every challenge and exceeds expectations by bringing unique, impressive capabilities to light. Here’s how the Presto MAX takes Direct-to-Fabric printing a few steps forward to where it needs to be today. 

Open Doors to New and Exciting Business Opportunities

The competitive nature of the fashion industry is evident in Direct-to-Fabric printing, sending businesses to look for innovative new ways to increase their market share and profit margins. 

The Presto MAX enables business growth by giving a competitive advantage thanks to new applications and on-demand capabilities that meet and exceed top brands’ requirements. These include white spot printing on colored fabrics, vivid neon color impressions that are in high demand in the swimwear, beachwear, and sportswear verticals, Kornit’s XDi 3D premium decorative applications, and more. 

The Kornit Presto MAX creates new business models and revenue streams that enable printing companies to stop depending on outsourced solutions. It turns Direct-to-Fabric printing into an end-to-end process, covering any additional steps through Kornit’s exclusive global fulfillment network. 

Step up Your Quality Game

When we add new revenue channels and creative abilities, it’s essential to ensure that this wider net still delivers prints of the highest quality. That’s why the Presto MAX, powered by Kornit’s revolutionary MAX technology, considers quality a top priority. The single-step solution meets the most demanding standards and encourages everyone in the industry to raise the bar. 

In addition to more creative freedom, Kornit’s Presto MAX offers a superior visual outcome with a wide gamut and strong color-matching abilities, better hand-feel and drape rates thanks to our DuoSoft solution, improved durability with proven high wash and rub test results, and much more. Businesses deliver consistent products and monitor their quality with Kornit QualiSet, the smart autonomous calibrations solution. The result is quality you, your business partners, and end customers can trust. 

Build a Better Process

Adding new capabilities is critical, but a comprehensive solution must also improve businesses’ procedures, optimizing each step and its influence on the overall cost, time, and effort involved.

With the Presto MAX, companies enjoy the simplest process, eliminating any unnecessary pre or post-treatment, and preventing errors and inconsistencies. Each machine can offer a lot more as businesses expand their substrate range and print on multiple fabrics, including naturals, synthetics, and blends. A single operator with minimal setup and training is all that’s needed to maximize your production. 

Advance automation enables consistent, high-speed loading and seamless integrations to connect the Presto MAX with the organization’s ERP and other existing systems. Everything just works perfectly together. We know that because Kornit Konnect provides accurate data that optimizes the workflow by offering specific business insights. 

Last but not least, this improved process keeps the planet in mind and minimizes businesses’ environmental footprint. The Presto MAX is the most sustainable solution in today’s market. It meets global regulations and voluntary brand values with minimal water waste and Kornit’s eco-friendly Robusto ink. This solution is Eco-Passport certified by Oeko-Tex and GOTS approved.

With more business opportunities, improved quality, and an optimized, sustainable process, the Presto MAX is Direct-to-Fabric’s direct path to success. We invite you to learn more about the features and facts behind this innovative technology.

Kornit is bringing its full line of MAX systems for unparalleled capability in sustainable, on-demand production to FESPA Global Print Expo 2022, May 31 – June 3 in Berlin. Whether you’re interested in creating new products and applications in apparel, boosting your capabilities for delivering brilliant impressions on polyester and poly-blend sportswear, or creating durable custom fabrics in any quantity for designers, apparel, or home décor applications, join us at FESPA to see and feel Kornit’s industry-best impressions, have your questions answered, and speak with those now building successful brands and creating new opportunities with end-to-end digital efficiency, versatility, and control.