Direct to Fabric printing just got a whole lot brighter

Noga Chen
March 26, 2018

Designing fabric for fashion and home decor is still an enormous challenge for designers.Until recently it has been almost impossible to do due to lead times and minimum quantities. Traditional textile printing methods are not feasible for small quantities, let alone customization.


Now, with the advancement of textile manufacturing technology, customized fabrics are no longer an irrational ambition – it’s a reality that is happening.

If you want to order a specific unique print for a small fashion collection or a few unique pieces of furniture or home decor, there’s only one solution – Digital Direct-to-Fabric printing. Digital was made to be fast, flexible and creative.


Until recently Neon colors were not supported by digital printers. The Kornit Allegro, Kornit’s Digital Direct-to-Fabric printer, prints Neon spot colors and the neon inks enhance the vivacity and vibrancy of colors to give more application possibilities.

So let your imagination run wild.

Kornit and Samafitro will be at Indo Intertex, Jakarta. To meet us and learn more About Allegro and Neon inks, please click below