Design Your Home Décor Business Plan: 5 Tips to Optimize Your Textile Production for Today’s Consumers

Robert Zoch
March 31, 2022

Ever since the world started working from home, we have viewed our personal space differently. New needs and old issues rise to the surface, forcing people across the globe to focus on their home décor needs. Another process accelerated during the pandemic is the switch to shopping online. Consumers now expect businesses to deliver solutions to their doorstep within hours. This combination forces textile manufacturers to rethink their strategy to meet current market demands, capitalizing on the opportunity and avoiding pitfalls.

If you’re fine-tuning your home décor textile business plan, here are five elements to focus on as you prepare for the most significant transformation in textile production.

What’s your ability when it comes to durability

Durability is going to be critical. ‘Extra’ is done – people have learned to live with multifunctional spaces, and they’ve seen how unnecessary excess is. Now they want to invest in what’s long-lasting. Whether you are printing yourself or working somewhere else in the fabric chain, you’ll want high-quality and durable fabrics that are tested and proven to withstand washing and rubbing while maintaining a rich feel and look.

Let them leave their mark

Along with living intensely in a defined space comes real awareness of how much its feel determines a person’s energy, emotions, and mindset. People are looking to customize their spaces to conjure up the look, touch, and style that represents who they are as individuals, their interests, and what makes them happy. This is precisely what on-demand printing can provide; it enables people to express themselves as they are here and now. So, whether you’re a cut and sew business looking to grow and increase margins, or you’re already printing, digital on-demand printing allows you to print custom orders in personalized patterns and quantities. Even better, it will enable you to print any amount at the same cost.

When indoors moves outdoors

Home Dressing

Feeling confined indoors has left people hungry for open spaces and the calm and freedom of nature, which caused them to spend more time out on their porches and yards. In 2022, indoor spaces will continue to spill over and expand outdoors as people reinforce the materials and comfort of that outdoor living area or dining room to be a welcoming space in just about any weather. This requires quality printed fabrics that have durability –are washable and UV resistant, so colors stay bright longer.

Be Bold. It’s Beautiful.

Other times may call for a clean and minimalist look. But after you’ve been staring at the same walls for many months, suddenly it’s all about color, prints, bright window treatments, exciting pops and patterns. It’s time to incorporate all varieties of bold and hopeful touches to wake us (and our homes) up from the numbness and slumber. Home décor will use bright dyes and designs and whimsical orders. Digital printing can provide all that at the highest quality, regardless of the mood or choice of color.

Good for business. Good for the planet.

People have a newfound interest in the ethics, materials, processes, and labor behind everything, including home décor. We are already seeing more upcycling and repurposing, along with consumers veering away from stockpiled warehouses or systems that waste resources. And home décor will be fueled by a new consciousness in sourcing, production, resources, and efficiency. Digital printing also eases the conscience, as it is a more environmentally friendly process, including using less energy and water. This trend is an excellent reason to upgrade your own work in the fabric chain, investing in digital printing processes and machinery that are sustainable and even simplifying.

This all spells out an exciting new era of home décor, with both a hands-on and emotional connection for consumers. The entire home décor textile industry, including fabric merchants and manufacturers, cut & sew operations, and home décor fulfillers, can tap into this rebirth with innovative and smart digital printing tools. Kornit is a leader in fabric digital printing with solutions that produce high-quality, durable, and outdoorsy materials – bold dyes and personalized designs – and a larger sustainable, and efficient production process.

To learn more about what we do and how it can better your business in 2022, reach out to us.