Deliver Results: How Fashion and Retail Businesses Elevate Their Delivery

Maor Yur
May 27, 2021

When we discuss the online shopping revolution, it’s impossible to ignore the last step of the process — the delivery. Customers measure brands by the quality of their delivery, and 84% of them state that they will no longer buy from a retailer after one poor delivery experience.

But what does it take to deliver on your promise in the most effective way? Showing up on time and providing everything on the shoppers’ order seems pretty obvious, but there are additional factors to consider. The below tips can help fashion and retail brands turn a good delivery experience into a truly great one.  

Seize the day: Same-day delivery 

In the era of instant gratification, shoppers want it all, and they want it delivered now. More than 40% of warehouse operators state that the need to fulfill customers’ expectations for next-day and even same-day delivery is one of the main results of the eCommerce boom.   

This is no surprise, as fashion trends are born and forgotten by the minute, leaving very little time for brands to respond and deliver. Fast, high-volume on-demand manufacturing makes it possible to do so without having to keep massive warehouses and product stock. This factor is yet another reason why it’s critical to maximize businesses’ on-demand capabilities, which is why we’ve created the MAX technology and the Atlas MAX.    

Deliver more, waste less: Sustainable packaging 

Retailers’ desire to protect the items they deliver sometimes leads to the use of excessive packaging materials that end up polluting the environment. This rightfully upsets customers, making brands look bad and harming the environment and their reputation simultaneously. 

According to the Center for International Environment Law, packaging accounts for 40% of the global plastic demand. The fashion industry is already responsible for too much waste, and we simply can’t allow online shopping to create another crisis. Using biodegradable materials, choosing reusable packaging, and only wrapping what you must is vital.  

The full package: Branded delivery experiences

Speaking of reusable packaging, a cute box or tote bag can make a huge difference in so many ways. In addition to being the sustainable choice, it also allows brands to deliver a message that lasts. Imagine the impact of a box with your company logo resting on a shelf year-round. Clever branding boosts brand loyalty and allows you to communicate your message from afar, which is a critical goal for deliveries and other remote experiences. Choose packaging that follows your visual language, make it pretty and witty, and enjoy the results. 

You’ve worked so hard to manufacture the perfect product, so don’t let delivery mess with your style. Use the above tips to go above and beyond. Your customers and profit margin will thank you.