Custom apparel startup Teespring “breaks the internet”

Noga Chen
May 3, 2015

From Zero to Hero!

Custom apparel startup, Teespring, have taken the market by storm! After just three years in business, they are now considered one of the top t-shirt sellers in the U.S., with over 7 million shirts printed in 2014, alone!

So what, we hear you cry, is the secret to their success?

Teespring offers an online platform that makes it easy for anyone to custom design their own t-shirts, create a campaign to fund them, while printing and shipping is handled directly by its services. In other words customers can design, sell and profit from champion ideas!


Among their most famously recognised customised tee’s is a personalised take on the World War II slogan “Keep Calm and… [Add Your Own].” This, combined with the heavy use of Facebook advertising has helped Teespring and the designers who use it ensure that the right shirts are seen by the right consumers.

But Teespring are more than just internationally successful t-shirt printers, they are also valued customers of Kornit Digital! Currently working with four Kornit Avalanche Hexa’s in their production line; the Avalanche Hexa helps them to meet the high quality, high speed demands of their growing ecommerce business.

The Kornit Avalanche Hexa is specifically engineered to answer the calls of the fashion and sports apparel industry. As well as easy-to-use software and true parallel printing, it offers an extended color gamut, with 30% wider color range for the print, fashion and design world.

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