Collaborating in fashion: Kornit and Fashion Capital join hands

Scott Walton
February 15, 2021


Kornit recently created a special direct-to-fabric collection in collaboration with Fashion Capital, a London-based fashion factory with a social impact focus. The partnership utilizes the Kornit Presto’s printing power to quickly produce complete garments based on an impressive variety of creative designs. 

Partnering with Fashion Capital and its CEO, Jenny Holloway, came naturally and progressed smoothly thanks to several fundamental elements that connect the two companies. Today, I’m excited to share insights and experiences from behind the scenes of this fruitful collaboration. 

Designing a better world: The ethical vision

Kornit’s most immediate connection with Fashion Capital was based on the fact that both companies share very similar values. We build our businesses to promote sustainability, ethical labor, and the fashion industry’s social responsibility. These notions are at the core of both Kornit and Fashion Capital’s business conduct, and we are serious and authentic about them.  

Fashion Capital operates a sustainable and ethical production and invests back in their teams and the local society. Jenny Holloway is a member of the UK’s Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), and the company makes a critical statement about the profitability of sustainable and ethical fashion. This also requires a shift in mindset on the customer’s end, but when leaders in the industry pave the way, they help educate the market. 

Transparency is another value we’re proud to share with Fashion Capital. We want consumers to know how their clothes were made, by whom and through which process. Fashion Capital includes such details on the clothing label, making this information more accessible to consumers. 

Today’s younger generations teach us all about the power of awareness. By giving brands the right technology tools and guidance, we can make a difference and simultaneously answer current market needs.  


The big picture: A vertically integrated business    

Fashion Capital rightfully defines itself as a “one-stop online resource.” Jenny Holloway’s purpose was to create a place where professionals can find the business and creative advice they need and ethically produce beautiful, high-quality garments. 

The company offers guidance every step of the way. From the ‘Stitching Academy’ to production and business support, creatives in fashion can find all the answers. This approach works well with the current transition to nearshore and onshore production, as brands and fulfillers gain increased ownership of the process.  

Fashion Capital’s CMT factory serves a long line of fashion and retail brands that cater to a wide range of styles, budgets, and needs. Brands that take part in the company’s important initiatives include ASOS, Boohoo, M&S, Topshop, Next, and many others. 

The above factors make Fashion Capital the perfect partner for this collection. The vertically integrated approach allows Kornit to help any designer bring their creative vision to life and to consumers immediately. Our goal was to look directly at the fulfillment network and answer the need for advanced printing solutions. Fashion Capital offered direct access and valuable insights regarding the needs and future plans of many high-quality fashion brands and designers. 

The collaboration allowed Kornit to connect the dots and demonstrate the comprehensive business solution offered by the Presto. Fashion designers and fulfillers we approached were thrilled to see how quickly their artistic and business dream turned into a complete garment. The proof of concept of combining design, applications, and CMT was made possible thanks to Fashion Capital’s holistic business approach. Our partners were amazed by the speed of work and the possibilities that were suddenly available. While our collection focused on today’s growing need for athleisure garments, the unlimited potential was clear.  

Imagine that: Focusing on creative design 

Fashion is a fascinating vertical because it is business-focused on the one hand and very creative on the other. At Kornit, we always consider both ends of the equation, and so does Fashion Capital. 

As a design hub, it is a place for creative dreamers and artistic visionaries that puts design at the center. The global brands and indie designers who work with Fashion Capital include trendsetters with a massive market influence. They know what they wish to produce, and Kornit can cater to those needs. 

Utilizing the Presto to quickly customize and size items on-demand was very important to the designers we collaborate with. Putting this part of the supply chain in their hands and giving them control was a meaningful capability that Kornit was happy to provide. Brands aim to establish a made-to-order production cycle while maintaining and possibly increasing their speed-to-market. Keeping a high pace is vital considering today’s short trends, and faster retailers win customers’ hearts. The collection proved that both customization and speed can be achieved without compromising on quality.  

This first collection is only the beginning of our journey with Fashion Capital. This is a stepping stone for us, and I can’t wait to share more news regarding this exciting collaboration. Stay tuned!