Check Out The Fashion Designer Who Never Uses Black In Her Designs

Maor Yur
April 12, 2021

This year, for the first time ever, Kornit and veteran Israeli fashion icon and producer Moti Reif joined forces in Kornit Fashion Week Tel-Aviv 2021 to put the spotlight on sustainability.

The high-profile event, Israel’s annual celebration of high fashion, revolved this year on local designers who were invited to create collections using Kornit’s on-demand, eco-friendly (production) technologies.

Lara Rosnovsky is a multidisciplinary artist and lecturer who has travelled the world extensively for 15 years, drawing her inspiration from folk and tribal traditions and artistic expression.

BlessUs by Lara Rosnovsky brings with it a powerful message of life and hope.

Using a central motif of an androgynous flower, the collection brings back a sense of iconic beauty and is also symbolic of the need for sustainability in fashion.

With Kornit’s Direct-to-Fabric technologies, Rosnovsky managed to create a magnificent world of symmetric patterns, all based on the one shape of the flower.

“COVID-19 reminded us how fragile the supply chain is when countries are locked down and shipping routes obstructed. On-demand production is not only sustainable, it is the only thing that let me prepare my collection in 1 week and participate in Fashion Week.”