Brodelec and Kornit: Imprinting Memories for France’s Visitors

Maor Yur
January 10, 2022

“By offering the possibility to print lower volumes, digital textile printing has enabled us to approach new customers and explore other markets such as associations and smaller businesses. We can produce on demand, so it is a much more sustainable way to print than screenprinting.”

With 45 years of textile printing experience in France, Brodelec produces personalized markings on textiles, luggage, and promotional objects, as well as digital printing for POS and signage. Brodelec’s six Kornit Avalanche DTG printers have recently been joined by a Kornit Presto S roll-to-roll system, the only one-step solution and therefore the fastest path from design to finished product, making this model the most efficient and ecological fabric printing solution in France today.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic prompted Brodelec to expand into new markets with the support of Kornit, its longstanding partner of more than 15 years.

Brodelec Sales Manager, Hugo, states: “When Covid arrived, we started producing our own masks. Thanks to Kornit Presto’s flexibility, we were able to print and make over 10,000 masks per week.”

Using NeoPigment Robusto ink, the Kornit Presto is based on a responsible and truly sustainable dry printing process. Its dedicated Robusto ink set is Oeko-Passport and GOTS certified and does not alter the breathability of the masks produced by Brodelec, a vital criterion for meeting current health standards and Brodelec’s mask certification. This new set of inks has a short drying and adhesion time, allowing to produce high-quality finished products in minutes.

He continues: “We also purchased a laser cutting system and several sewing machines. It was then that we decided to also move into finished garments. It was a first step. Now we are moving ahead with other products such as all-over printed cushions, tote bags, aprons and tea towels. Next year, will be a next step with all-over T-shirts and pencil cases.”

Brodelec has a diverse customer base and aims to be flexible in its service delivery says Hugo: “Tourism accounts for 30% of our work and 15% derives from commercial businesses throughout France. Our clients come from retail, zoos, museums, and tourist attractions as well as communication agencies, too. We have also established an on-demand web platform for small brands and YouTubers.”

Hugo explains how the relationship with Kornit developed: “In the beginning, the choice was limited. But we were able to develop our business further as Kornit improved the capacity and quality of its systems. Kornit’s printers are the only printers able to pretreat and print at the same time. In Kornit, we have not only found a global brand but also a trustworthy partner that will be able to support us in the future. Working with Kornit means we have everything included. Spare parts are always available, and the support team can easily be reached when needed.”