Bring Fashion Closer to Home with On-Demand

David Richardson
August 11, 2022

Offshoring fashion has been the norm for years. It’s no secret that many of the biggest names in fashion have been offshoring in countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and others because of the lower costs of labour and materials. But all of this actually comes at a significant cost, both in a monetary sense and a socio-environmental sense, as well.

For example, 10% of all global carbon emissions are the caused by some element of the fashion industry.

Just let that sink in.

This shocking statistic highlights a multitude of problems for the current state of the fashion industry and supply chains. The fashion industry’s sustainable future relies on automation and emerging technologies/business models that require cost-effectiveness and simple implementation.

One such business model is on-demand production, which enables fashion brands to only produce small numbers of a product, and rapidly back-fill products to ensure key lines are never out of stock.

Services like Kornit’s Global Fulfilment Network route orders to a number of hand-picked fulfillers around the globe, meaning short-run stock can be produced closer to where it’s needed. To ensure the highest quality, each fulfiller has been chosen based on their use of Kornit’s industry-leading technology.

Ultimately, the consumer will know no different—and yet the product’s story will differ dramatically, being more sustainable because Kornit systems eliminate water pollution and offer a production method that removes the need to produce in bulk, which often leads to overproduction and waste. 

KornitX promotes a brighter future for all, creating a monumental shift in the way fashion is created. Remaking the fashion industry, brands can connect with fulfillers directly as part of our Global Fulfilment Network and produce apparel on printers like Kornit’s that are world-renowned for their agility, quality, and eco-friendliness.