ASOS and Fashion-Enter Ltd. Blaze a Path Towards Sustainable, Digital Fashion

Robert Zoch
May 10, 2021

You may have seen the news this week: ASOS and Fashion-Enter Ltd. have turned to Kornit Presto to pursue their goal of achieving more sustainable on-demand production for fashion.

Fashion retailer ASOS serves nearly 25 million active customers, offering 85,000 products via its state-of-the-art e-com business, with fulfillment centers in the U.K., U.S., and Germany ready to provide next-day and same-day delivery. Fashion-Enter Ltd. supplies ASOS with fashion on-demand, and intends to leverage Kornit’s single-step, eco-friendly digital print technology to eliminate inventory waste and streamline supply chain, answering consumer need for both high-quality apparel and responsible production practices.

Video: Learn more about the Fashion-Enter approach to ethical manufacturing.

According to Tomer Gallimidi, Kornit Digital’s Product Marketing Director for Kornit Presto, this project will provide a widely-applicable proof of concept for the fashion industry – a “microfactory” production centre empowering producers to consolidate the end-to-end fulfilment experience to a single site, minimizing the logistics and waste associated with complex international supply chains, and quickening speed to market. Furthermore, it offers a compelling proof case for distributed manufacturing models, whereby producers can fulfill from multiple manufacturing hubs across different regions, serving widely-dispersed markets with speed and ease, while ensuring process and product are consistent at every site.

“This project aligns perfectly with the ‘Make It British’ initiative to produce nearer the buyer, and when suppliers and designers the world over see the benefits of digital on-demand capabilities paired with low-waste microfactory models, we’re certain this strategy will be emulated to digitalize and transform the fashion industry,” says Tomer. “Visionary brands like ASOS are a role model for others, demonstrating that fashion can be fast, it can shrink its carbon footprint, and it can offer the quality demanded by even the most discerning buyers—while the capacity for design and self-expression remains limitless as can be.”

“Made-to-order, and ethical production, is what consumers increasingly demand, and these technologies and production strategies are delivering the capabilities needed to reshape the fashion industry in that mold,” he adds.

Kornit Presto offers producers just-in-time production without intensive setup time and labour, embellishing multiple fabrics in any quantity at the push of a button. Kornit’s NeoPigment™ Robusto ink set is water-based and meets rigorous international standards for safety and sustainability, and the swift production process eliminates excess inventory risks. Ready for cut-and-sew product completion within minutes, Kornit Presto provides the cornerstone of any microfactory production model, for efficient fulfilment on demand.