Answering the Demand for Sustainability 

David Richardson
February 10, 2022

When purchasing new clothing, environmental factors now play an increased role in consumer spending habits, as more and more of us awaken to the polluting aspects of the fashion industry. In response, some brands and retailers are taking tentative steps to offer collections that are more environmentally-conscious, such as H&M’s own Conscious range.  

In 2022, we’re likely to see even more emphasis on the environmental impact of the fashion industry, and how these impacts can be mitigated. Our recent Environmental Impact Report ( highlighted the need for the fashion industry to not only take action against water pollution and CO2 emissions, but to also wake up to the wide-reaching benefits of producing in a sustainable way, using the on-demand business model.  

There is growing demand for Sustainability 

The fashion industry still has plenty of work to do in 2022 and beyond, in order to become truly sustainable, however services like Kornit’s Global Fulfilment Network are giving brands the framework needed to make meaningful and long-lasting changes to their operations. By fulfilling orders for brands using on-demand manufacturing and Kornit systems, the GFN is breaking ground in our mission to reduce fashion pollution and waste.  

2022 is your opportunity to answer consumer’s demand for sustainability, with a solution designed to eliminate fashion’s pollution problems. Start taking meaningful action with KornitX today. 

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