Common Questions About Kornit’s Sustainable On-Demand Process

Robert Zoch
June 27, 2022

Among other innovations, Kornit Digital is the only digital textile print process offering single-step, “wet-on-wet” pigment printing. Why is that a benefit to producers seeking fast, high-quality, cost-effective, eco-friendly operations? Let’s discuss.

What Is “Wet-on-Wet” Printing?

Kornit systems eliminate the need for external pre- and post-treatments by applying fixation directly to the material, followed by direct application of the brand’s proprietary inks as an additional layer upon said fixation.

Are These Substances Eco-Friendly?

Yes. Kornit fixations and inks are composed of TSCA, REACH, and other governmental-registered substances, certified vegan, OEKO-TEX Eco-Passport, GOTS, and ZDHC, complying with various MRSL and RSL lists. These systems are designed to operate solely in combination with these chemicals, ensuring any materials imprinted using our technology will meet these rigorous industry standards for sustainability.

How Does This Process Reduce Carbon Footprint?

Using a single-step print process ensures operators use considerably less water and energy, and produce considerably less greenhouse gas, relative to traditional analog processes. For example, our lifecycle assessment (LSA) of the Presto S system for roll-to-roll direct-to-fabric printing saves up to 83% on greenhouse gas emissions, uses up to 95% less water, and uses up to 94% less energy relative to competitive solutions. For our Atlas MAX DTG system, the curing process is responsible for most GHG impact that does occur; for Presto S, the conveyor adhesive coating the follows curing uses the most energy involved.

Are There Limitations in Terms of Fabrics or Colors That Cannot Be Printed Using Kornit Technology?

There are no limitations in terms of fabrics or colors when using these systems. Having said that, for each project we will pre-test all fabrics to demonstrate system performance; this includes unique and uncommon materials and applications relevant to your specific production needs and product offerings.

How Do I Learn More About Making My Production Floor More Efficient and Eco-Friendly with Kornit’s Single-Step Process?

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