Allegro & Cut: The shortest roll-to-roll process from file to finished garment

Noga Chen
May 1, 2016

Garment manufacturing is a
multi-stage and labor-intensive process, demanding multiple vendors and enough
space to stock fabric. Too commonly,
production houses find they are left with unusable scraps of printed cloth, and
are often stuck with a large quantity of unsold items in stock. Semi or fully-automated solutions don’t
answer the needs of prototyping, sample production, one-off or small collections,
while manual paper patterns are time-intensive, with too much waste due to
human error.

Kornit Allegro, already the most
efficient textile production method in the world, has one-upped itself to resolve
all of these issues with the press of a button. With a single operator at the helm, the Allegro prints ready-to-wear
designs which are then cut and sewn. Any remaining scraps are recyclable. The
Allegro communicates all necessary information to create perfect garments, for
durable, wearable results.


By adding an Allegro and a cutting table to your
operation, you get a full production line in a single step!

·        Save
ink and money by printing only on areas that are cut

·        Fast
response to market demand

·        Reduce

3D garment simulation to the printed and cut
end product


Fast fashion in action:  Blur of Barcelos

A Kornit customer since 2012, Portugal-based Blur of
Barcelos had seen rapid growth in their customer base after upgrading from
Kornit’s Avalanche HEXA printer to an Avalanche 1000 in 2014, and purchasing
an additional Avalanche 1000 later that year.

Looking to expand and develop its business into a new
segment, the company decided to enter the roll-to-roll printing market with the
help of Kornit’s Allegro roll-to-roll system, the only true one-step solution
in the market.  It is complemented by a
flatbed cutting system from Zund which is part of the “Allegro & Cut”
workflow approach.

Mariano Dias, founder and owner of Blur, commented:
“The Kornit Allegro matches our ambition for various reasons, starting from its
excellent printing quality, and through its extremely simplified process,
eliminating the need of other machinery or external processes. Moreover, the
Kornit Allegro enables you to print on various fabric types with the same ink
set, and it is the most ecofriendly solution on the marketplace, since it uses
100% biodegradable inks.”

You can see a full video demonstration and register
for our open house by clicking here.