“All other ink types are limited to specific fabrics”: A Q&A with Celine T Strauss

Noga Chen
January 14, 2019

“All other ink types are limited to specific fabrics”: A Q&A with Celine Tezartes Strauss, Product Manager for Kornit Digital inks and consumables

As we prepare to bring Kornit’s many print systems to SGIA Expo 2018, our largest exhibition of the year, we catch up with Celine Tezartes Strauss, Product Manager for Kornit Digital inks and consumables, to outline key reasons ours provide a superior textile print experience and end-product. These inks and consumables will be featured, both as distinct products and as integral components of our full line of digital direct-to-garment and roll-to-roll wide-format print systems, at the event (Booth 1815).



Question: Why would a printer want to consider Kornit’s inks over something like reactive or acid-based inks?

Celine: Perhaps most importantly, I’d cite their ability to print on multiple fabric types. All other ink types are limited to specific fabrics. For example, disperse only works with polyester, while reactive can’t print on synthetics.

Kornit’s NeoPigments are the only digital pigment inks allowing quality prints on multiple fabric types, without any pre- or post-treatment processes.

Q: Why are Kornit’s inks and print systems only sold in tandem with each other? Why not make them compatible with competitive systems?

C: The ink is formulated, tested, and produced specifically for Kornit systems. We have the one-stop shop solution—the perfect match between system and ink.

Q: How would you differentiate our Rapid and Intenso inks for the casual observer?

C: The Intenso represents the most vivid pigment colors in the digital textile world currently, now available with neon colors to extend market reach to new applications that require superior brightness and vividness for the finished product, or simply the ability to print spot neon colors.

The Rapid ink produces the most brilliant images and softest hand-feel at a fraction of the cost. Its excellent print quality includes photorealistic solids and precise image details.

Q: How do these inks compare to competitive inks when it comes to wash and light hand-feel?

C: All Kornit inks comply with international durability standards. Fastness-to-light, fastness-to-perspiration, and fastness-to-wash tests are performed in external Intertek labs.

Q: What would you tell someone whose primary concern is sustainability?

S: Intenso and Rapid NeoPigment inks are engineered for sustainability, water-based and eco-friendly. They are integral to Kornit’s dry process and meet all workplace regulations. They are certified for GOTS v5 and Oeko-tex 1000 class I (articles for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age).

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