Aiming for The Stars: KornitX Debuts at Kornit Fashion Week LA

Oliver Crabtree
October 26, 2021


KornitX is the solution that is set to remake the world of fashion forever. A first look at the on-demand pioneering cloud-based platform will be available at the star-studded Kornit Fashion Week in Los Angeles, this November. Formerly ‘Custom Gateway’, the newly rebranded enterprise SaaS platform enables an entirely digitized supply chain, one that combines unprecedented agility, the ability to meet consumer desires, and a need for environmental action. 

KornitX will be part of an even bigger picture, at Kornit Fashion Week LA (KWFLA). Making its mark as the market leader’s very own solution to the disparities of the traditional fashion industry, it will be surrounded by the world-renowned hardware from Kornit Digital. At the event, visitors will find live demonstrations of Kornit’s revolutionary MAX technologies, discover an all-new eco-factory concept and witness the hotly anticipated reveal of Kornit’s newest system. All of this and more will be brought to life in exclusive fashion shows featuring never-before-seen collections from 22 world-famous designers including Kobi Halperin, Asher Levine and Ungaro. What more could you want? 

While at KFWLA, KornitX will play a pivotal role in a number of high-fashion collections that were exclusively inspired and created to be sustainable, diverse and inclusive. Here, there will be three ways visitors will be able to experience the power of KornitX for the first time. 

  • Visitors will be able to order their own designer t-shirts from Fashion Week, which will be shipped by KornitX’s Global Fulfilment Network, home to top quality, approved fulfillers.  
  • EcoFashion CEO, Marci Zarrof, will give an unmissable keynote talk discussing the KornitX technology and why it’s needed now, more than ever. 
  • Denim FWD will be showcasing a daily demonstration of KornitX for everyone in attendance. 

KornitX is ready to present a revolutionary solution for modern fashion production, one that is unlike anything seen before.