Add extra flavor to National Tuxedo Day and start partying in!

Noga Chen
October 10, 2019

Woo-hoo, it’s National Tuxedo day. A great reason to celebrate!

Tuxedos are elegant, classy, and above all, they are everlasting.
Over generations tuxedos have evolved a great deal. They first burst onto the world back in England in the late 19th century by his highness, the Prince of Wales as formal dinner suits. After setting foot in Tuxedo, New York, it was just a matter of time before they gained potential in the United States.

Since then, conservative tuxedos renewed their appearance when new fabrics and styles became popular. Today, tuxedo fashion is a mix of everything, and with rental services becoming digital, finding a high-quality, stylish suit is exceptionally easy for every customer, online and off. Ready to see how it works?

Say Hello to ground breaking technology.
In an era where individuals speak their mind and style, technology, my friend is the key! Advanced textile printing technologies enable printers to print anything, on any fabric and relatively quick.

Kornit Presto is at the top of that printing technology innovation list. It is the only industrial single-step solution for direct-to-fabric printing, so it perfectly competes with the ever-changing winds of fashion. And the great news is, it demonstrates sustainability. When making strides in supporting the environment and preserving valuable water sources, Kornit Presto is a wise choice in practicing giving back to our planet.

Today you can ensemble a suit in multiple colors, designs, and prints on many kinds of fabrics other than cotton. If you need traditional business suits or looking for higher dashing modern styles, the Kornit Presto adds that particular creative technological support you are looking for to confirm a vital appearance.

Formal code, classic or casual, this patterns guide will help you master characteristic and peculiar trends that bring your natural qualities alive and make you well-dressed.

We are ready to inspire you to speak up your tuxedo look style.
Any style. Any fabric. Any pattern. As long as it keeps you looking great.
Meet us at ideation 2019 in New York to learn more about how the Kornit Presto suits your needs.