A More Fashionable Future Takes the Runway – and the Metaverse

Omer Kulka
May 15, 2022

By Omer Kulka, Chief Marketing Officer, Kornit Digital


Kornit Fashion Week is an expression of what we can accomplish when technology and the fashion world come together to solve the really big issues. As one of our keynote speakers, media and technology entrepreneur Bobby Simms, likes to say, “We’re all becoming creators, creating things to change the culture.”

Kornit Fashion Week London, more than any exhibition yet, will demonstrate how Kornit and its growing network of visionary collaborators are lending a hand to that cultural transformation. Those who attend find genuine progress in the real-world experiences of producers and brands who’ve grown their businesses, the thought leaders who recognize the disruptive trends that call for innovation, and the artists and entrepreneurs overcoming longtime challenges to see their creations fulfilled with higher-quality garments and less investment risk than ever before.

Blurring the boundaries between the virtual and physical worlds, we now extend that vision into the Metaverse, using VR and AR innovation to introduce people to entirely new ways of creating, expressing, communicating, and consuming in the age of TikTok, blockchain, NFTs, micro-moments, and the Web3-driven developments yet to come.

Imagine being able to “try on” an unlimited array of brilliant apparel, from the comfort of your own home. Imagine being able to conceive your own apparel, in brilliant detail, and have that piece of your imagination in your hands in mere days, delivered with the ready-to-wear quality, and the knowledge it was produced in the most conscientious, eco-responsible manner now possible. That is what we’ve been working to offer people on a global level, and with the help of our pioneering technology partners and collaborators in the creative community, that is what rewards attendees to Kornit Fashion Week London – the new face of fashion.

A truly diverse array of fashion designers, bound by their desire to find alternative, eco-friendly, uncompromising – better – means of bringing their creations to life are expressing themselves on our runway. At Kornit Fashion Week London, these creators are coming together with brands, thought leaders, and tech visionaries to lean into the digital transformation of fashion, and forge a new normal in which creativity is unleashed, virtual and physical worlds collide, and rewarding new experiences for all, from pixel to parcel to wearing something that truly makes us feel good and make better – makes us feel ourselves. If you’re ready to express yourself, and embrace this brilliant, sustainable new face of fashion, I encourage you to join us.