A fashion designers dream come true

Noga Chen
March 28, 2018

When each fabric piece in your fashion collection can be
designed as if it were to be printed by hand – that’s a designer’s dream come true.

The privilege, exclusivity and beauty reserved for Haute Couture
is that every piece of fabric can be designed and produced by hand. There are
no limitations of lead times and mininum quantities. But this all comes at a price. Only Haute Couture businesses can afford the luxury
of producing small quantities by hand. In any other fashion business it’s not
practical nor feasible to manufacture patterned fabrics manually.

But now, with advanced printing technology, fabrics can be
printed on demand, digitally.  That means
from file to finished fabric – only a few simple steps are involved. This
revolutionary technology replaces months of lead times and the large quantities
of fabric that would have to produced for each single design using traditional

Image files are produced with repeat patterns exactly
according to the designer’s specifications. Fabric is selected and with
advanced, Direct to Fabric printing technologies no pre-treatments are
required. The Fabric is fed on rolls into the printer and patterns are printed
exactly to the measurement of what is required. Pattern pieces can be specified
and printing can be done to the exact pattern shapes meaning that even the ink
is used only for what is needed.  The
fabric is dried, cut and sewn…


Happy Andarda, the couture fashion designer from Philippines
had her design fantasies freed from the restrictions of minimal quantities and
lead times… In a project done in collaboration with Norde International,
Kornit’s partner in the Phillipines., her beautiful Transcendence
collection was created in an abundance of designs, patterns and colors.  The Kornit Allegro, made it
possible to print on the wide variety of fabrics in time for sewing and
production.  These patterns were digitally printed on different fabric
materials ranging from chiffon, tulle, organza and more complicated ones like
duchess, piña fabric, and spandex.

With digital textile printing, fantasy becomes reality and
the designer’s imagination is the only limitation to the fabric design. It’s as
simple as that.

Learn more about Direct to Fabric Printing


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