A Custom Gateway to the On-Demand Promised Land

Robert Zoch
August 11, 2020


If you’re reading this, you’ve likely heard about the new “match made in heaven”: Kornit Digital and Custom Gateway have tied the knot!

I know what you’re thinking, but I promise this isn’t your typical Hollywood “hardware meets software” story. It’s so much more. This is the revolution, the ultimate solution, and the answer to the crazy, growing e-commerce era.

Today, when consumer demand can change on a single news story or social media trend, digital decoration is the best match for meeting those disruptions with the necessary agility, quality, and responsible production practices.

You’ve likely heard Kornit’s elevator pitch, extolling the virtues of digital textile printing: Imprint any image to most fabrics, in any quantity, at the push of a button, and do so profitably. Eliminate costly inventory and print only what you’ve sold.

But digital printing is only one piece of the fulfillment puzzle, and our longstanding partnership with Custom Gateway has demonstrated the value of extending the promise of digital to the complete, end-to-end production experience. Our organizations have long been unified by a vision of digitizing the on-demand print industry, and the latest news brings two talented, world-class cultures of innovation together in making that vision a reality.

More than ever—and especially in the post-COVID retail paradigm—today’s consumer is online-based. With a simple mechanism for placing orders while managing inventory and production, Custom Gateway enables brands, retailers, and fulfillers to digitize their front ends and, moreover, to connect and synchronize with most suitable production back end for inventory and production management. The SaaS-based workflow mechanism routes and prioritizes orders digitally, in conjunction with that business’s specified supply chain model. Whether it’s online only, online plus inventory management, online plus inventory and production management—there’s a customized tool for each part individually, or in total.

There are many on-demand supply chain models, and Kornit’s workflow solution will support all of them.

Throughout the process, you gain key insights into data concerning production efficiency as well as other valuable insights, while empowered to offer consumers complete visibility to the status of their orders. In terms of digitizing the production experience, Custom Gateway’s capabilities offer a substantial supplement to Kornit’s Konnect platform for remote management of print productivity.

With an amazing gathering of talent and a global R&D and support network that is second to none, we’re confident this will be a most blessed union, and one that will rain blessings down upon our printing friends worldwide. Here’s to another step towards true digital transformation in the imprinted textiles and apparel industry, and a bright, prosperous future for each of you.

Read the official PR announcement here

If you are a current Kornit Digital customer interested in learning about what our new workflow solution can do for you, contact your regional Kornit Sales representative. If you’re not, but very much interested in ways digital can grow your production capabilities, contact us for more information.