A Call for Change! 5 Reasons to Bring Production Back Home!

Noga Chen
August 16, 2015

Are you quick to assume that fashion brands choose to take production offshore to save costs? A recent article reveals that it’s not quite that simple! Read on for 5 great reasons to bring production back home!

1. Clean Fashion vs Dirty Fashion

Responsible fashion is a subject of huge debate in the textiles and garment industry. From the chemicals used to waste produced and workers’ conditions, “clean fashion” is having its moment in the spotlight.

Through forced government legislation and strong campaigning led by lobbyists such as Greenpeace, standards are improving in the offshore production chain, but that’s not to say the dirty doesn’t happen at home too! By opting to bring production back home with conscientious and responsible production, you too can start to answer calls of the market.

2. Train a local team & connect with your consumer

You may believe that high-quality fashion is only something that can be achieved in-house, but in fact, places such as China have been producing certain garments for years by skilled workers, giving them a direct advantage over places such as the US, which lacks the skilled workers! So it’s really not just about the cost.

Yet, a movement for change is underway, as the demand for “Made in America” labels see a comeback. This is particularly positive for new designers who are looking to have the edge over established brands. With this, production companies are seeking to train local teams that can create high quality products as skilled, protected workers… at home.

3. Advanced technology gives you the edge

Have the edge! Now is not quite the time to try and compete with the industry in China, but why not offer something different? Advanced technology such as digital and 3D printing, sets unprecedented standards in the garment and textile industry while reducing the need for overheads and manual labor. For companies looking for fast turnaround, local production can really pay off too!

4. Monitor the quality of your own product

Bringing production back home, enables you to oversee the production process from start to finish, giving you full control to decide whether products are good enough for the market or not. There’s nothing worse than receiving a bad order after weeks of waiting, and having to send it back to the factory!

5. Enjoy the learning curve

Separating manufacturing and production disrupts knowledge transfer among employees. Why not enjoy the learning curve together? Try and test prototypes on-site. The distance can also be problematic as off-shore manufacturing facilities do not develop the knowledge that leads to your company having a sustainable competitive advantage.

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