6 Key Reasons We’re Hosting Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021

Omer Kulka
March 25, 2021

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Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021, presenting the works of 40 of Israel’s preeminent fashion designers, with a focus on creating more eco-friendly, responsible production practices for a cleaner fashion industry while giving consumers the diversity and quality they demand.

Kornit partnered with longtime fashion industry veteran Motty Reif, who says, “Fashion is a platform that reaches people in many places that are very intimate. It is a platform that conveys a message, one that is very important to a lot of people.”

This is the role fashion plays in our lives, and this resonates with Kornit because of our self-expression message. Here are six reasons we’ve chosen this time and place to host a fashion show:

  1. Technology is one of the best tools we have to solve challenges and change things for the better. Kornit is situated exactly at that intersection of fashion and technology, with a very clear goal of creating a significant change for the better.
  • The pandemic economy acted as an accelerator, promoting the need for fundamental change in the fashion industry that was already clear. It puts players in the fashion space in a place where they have to do something differently. It accelerates the pull from the consumers, from the industry; everything is becoming louder, more transparent. If transparency and authenticity were more important in the past, now it’s probably one of the strongest currencies. If you look at the mega-trends we’ve been talking about these past few years already—e-commerce, the need for digital transformation, the sustainability revolution in fashion—they were all there before, and they’re all still there.
  • We’re from Tel Aviv, and this event provided us an opportunity to really make a difference in our own community. Working with the Israeli designers is a unique experience; there is something here about the courage to try new things, the willingness to adopt new technologies, to experiment, to explore. Many of our conversations in the past revolved around whether we can simulate existing manufacturing techniques or embellishment techniques. It’s about working together with the designers to create something completely new—what can we do differently and new, rather than how can we simulate something else. That really allows for creativity to go in places we rarely see. There’s a very experimental nature here.
  • People always ask me, skeptically, if digital really is ready for prime time. The truth is digital production technologies can do a lot of things better than existing analog means. A key challenge to unlocking this potential is the fact that everyone is trying to see what it cannot do rather than utilizing it to get the most of what it does. Right now we’re working with very high-end designers who are producing collections, and they’re not willing to sacrifice quality in any way. It’s very hard work, and they are making something on demand, which they couldn’t do before. They’re sketching something, and within minutes they have it printed on a fabric of their choice. If they don’t like it, we can do trial-and-error in minutes, and this is something that simply cannot be done in any other way. That’s just an example. On-demand categories are working already. We have very successful customers out there who are utilizing on-demand in their day-to-day business.
  • Fashion Week is part of a bigger story—creating new business models to transform the fashion industry. We’ve been advocating on-demand fashion for years now, but the pandemic economy created an imperative for us, to accelerate the change, to accelerate the revolution, that digital transformation of fashion—creating a real change towards sustainable, on-demand fashion. Part of Kornit’s mission here involves finding new business models that allow more people to do that. It’s about joining forces with Fashion Week and designers to create the awareness, the proof of concept. We have a bigger role to play other than just being the best at it; it’s really helping others to do it and accelerating that change.
  • Attendees will understand the fashion industry can and should be different from what it is today. It can be sustainable, and fashion provides an ideal platform to demonstrate that we’re unique and we can express ourselves, and care for the environment. You can eliminate waste from every stage of fashion production, and eliminate harmful, unhealthy chemicals and process from that cycle, without sacrificing quality of material, touch, graphic design, durability—you name it. And you can express that commitment to sustainability and minimizing carbon footprint, as well as any other expression of personal experience, belief, emotion, and creativity, with immediacy and precision, by going digital. These are the messages. Fashion has a power to create a change—the fashion industry can make a real difference.

Kornit Fashion Week Tel Aviv 2021 will be co-hosted by Fashion Week founder Motty Reif and Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli, and takes place March 28 – April 1. The event will be televised on Israel’s Channel 13; international audiences can follow Kornit’s social media channels for the latest news, videos, and images from the event.