Five Textile Printing Tips That Create Heaven on Earth

Maor Yur
April 22, 2019

Greetings, Earthling! It’s Earth Day and we’re excited to celebrate our favorite planet, which also happens to be the only one we’ve got (so far). From nature-capturing prints to regulation that may seem boring but saves lives, the textile printing industry has more than one reason to take this day (and our planet) to heart. Here are a few ways to give back to mother earth on her special day, and every single day.

  1. From the outside in

Nature has always inspired designers, and prints that are based on plants, flowers, animals, and views never seem to go out of style. We’ve discussed the leopard-print sensation in our Fashion Week blog post, but the latest runway shows include even more exciting nature references. H&M’s new sustainable collection, for example, focuses on nature in both the external aspect, with floral and animal-themed prints, and the internal, with vegan fabric that’s made out of fruit! The fascination with the outdoors is also evident indoors, with timeless nature-themed home decor that just feels right.

  1. Come out and play

With all due respect to designing your space with floral prints, if you really want to enjoy nature at its finest, you need to put on some shoes and go outside! To help you do that without worrying about the damage it may cause your wardrobe, today’s printing industry is able to reach much higher levels of UV fastness and rub and wash durability. You’ll be able to spend as much time as you wish outside and even enjoy printed textile for your garden furnitures for years to come.


  1. Save materials to save the environment

Let’s get even more serious. It’s easy to communicate the business value of printing great products right from the get-go. But delivering better results isn’t only good for business, it’s also great for our planet. The list of wasted resources involved in poor-quality printing is massive, and includes the materials printed on, printed with, and the utilities needed for both. By raising our standards and doing a better job, we make not only business owners and customers happy, but also the environment. Depending on the level of quality you opt for, it’s either a win-win situation, or a tragically lose-lose one.


  1. Small collections make a huge difference

 The on-demand economy has made it crucial for retailers to provide a quick answer to the latest fashion trends. Because these trends shift and change faster than even (after all, you cannot be seen wearing the same outfit twice on Instagram), fashion collections have become much smaller.

This new approach has an environmental impact as well, with retailers creating far less waste in unused garments. We still need to invest more in recycling the outfits worn, but printing faster and smaller collections is a great place to start.


  1. The law of the land

Last, but absolutely not least, is the topic of environmentally-conscious regulation related to the textile printing field. We’ve seen mandatory sustainability standards rise all around the world, even in countries that may seen a bit behind in terms of such legislation. Here at Kornit, we don’t wait for someone to tell us we should care about the planet, and invest time and resources voluntarily to stay one step ahead of the sustainability game.

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Happy Earth Day, everyone!