4 Polyester Production Challenges Solved with Kornit’s Atlas MAX Poly

Maor Yur
April 27, 2022

We’ve long discussed the many challenges polyester presents for apparel decorators. Now it’s time to talk about their solutions.

With the launch of Kornit’s groundbreaking MAX technology, many capabilities that seemed out of reach are now possible, and new creative options are added to the mix. If polyester production is on your current or future list of business goals, it’s worth getting to know the polyester benefits of Kornit MAX technology and the new Kornit Atlas MAX Poly system.

Coming out of the Dark: Light-to-Dark Polyester Printing

Certain prints prove to be incredibly challenging, such as printing on dark polyester while avoiding dye migration, and being able to produce photorealistic images on dark garments. Our MAX technology enables superior hand-feel and protection against dye migration, ghosting, cracking, and other common issues – to make every college league and local team proud of their uniforms.

These capabilities are all available on demand, allowing recreational sportswear, fan gear, and sport brand apparel providers to produce consistent, durable, high-quality garments and uniforms just in time, without graphic limitations or minimum quantities.

All-in-One: A Versatile Polyester Printing Machine

Versatility is essential in polyester production because this fabric has many uses, each presenting different needs and market demands. Amateur runners, for example, need tight and vibrant outfits, whereas little league uniforms call for entirely different designs.

Traditionally, diverse poly and poly-blend applications require multiple systems, each handling a specialized need; for most businesses, maintaining multiple systems poses a prohibitive burden of space, maintenance, and cost. Kornit’s MAX technology eliminates these dilemmas and gives manufacturers a way to produce countless designs using a wide range of applications and creative capabilities, all using the same system. XDi 3D decorative applications are perfect for team jerseys and neon colors fit activewear like a polyester glove.

In addition to design elements, the systems can handle different production volumes, including short runs and one-offs. The result is a flexible production, catering to the needs of multiple target audiences and broadening the customer base.

The Numbers Game: Cost-Effective Polyester Production

Speaking of short runs and one-offs, these tend to be problematic for polyester printing for additional reasons. Maintaining a cost-effective production and delivering top quality is a challenge for businesses, and the MAX technology overcomes this obstacle by enabling printing at any volume.

Increasing throughput while decreasing the total cost of ownership is something every company appreciates. MAX gives manufacturers innovative ways to minimize human error, automate high-speed production, utilize production data, and more.

New Capabilities, New Revenue Streams

The above advantages all lead to bigger profit margins for on-demand production operations. When businesses boost their creative range, minimize cost, and give target audiences precisely what they need, new revenue streams are born. Finally, the popularity of polyester garments isn’t just theoretical, and the same goes for on-demand production in the field. Businesses find it easier to rise above the noise in this competitive arena and collaborate with multiple partners.

Itamar Bartana, Product Director for Kornit’s newly-announced Atlas MAX Poly system, was excited to share the plans for this groundbreaking system.

“We believe we have a winner when it comes to sustainable on-demand polyester production,” he says. “The new Atlas MAX Poly will revolutionize the market by allowing our customers to engage the activewear segment, deliver high-quality results in an efficient way, introduce new and amazing designs, and win the sportswear, athleisure, and team apparel game.”

Whether you’re catering to devoted sports fans, local teams, amateur athletes, or tomorrow’s pros, these are the doors your business needs to open. Let the MAX technology become your ultimate production coach, bringing the very best out of your business, and your products.

Kornit is bringing its full line of MAX systems for unparalleled capability in sustainable, on-demand production to FESPA Global Print Expo 2022, May 31 – June 3 in Berlin. Whether you’re interested in creating new products and applications in apparel, boosting your capabilities for delivering brilliant impressions on polyester and poly-blend sportswear, or creating durable custom fabrics in any quantity for designers, apparel, or home décor applications, join us at FESPA to see and feel Kornit’s industry-best impressions, have your questions answered, and speak with those now building successful brands and creating new opportunities with end-to-end digital efficiency, versatility, and control.