3 Reasons you should know about the Kornit-ColorGATE tool

Noga Chen
October 3, 2019

At Kornit, we not only create our own digital textile printing solutions, but are also fortunate to collaborate with other leading forces in the industry. Our strong connection with ColorGATE’s professional RIP is now taking a further step with a version of ColorGATE that was developed specifically for Kornit’s products and customers. To help you learn more about what this unique RIP can do for your business, here are the three main reasons that turn this new product into a digital textile printing sensation.

Perfect match #1: Stay on color

Terms like “Coca Cola red” and “Tiffany blue” signify the importance of color in forming the brand identity. The world’s biggest brands, as well as companies aspiring to enter this category, make sure that the colors used in every print stay true to the original definitions and match them perfectly. In order to achieve this goal, printers around the world were forced to physically keep dozens of color blends, which took up plenty of room, made it increasingly hard to organize, and still could not guarantee a perfect color match.

ColorGATE for Kornit solves these problems right away, with unlimited color management libraries that enable companies to digitally keep each customer’s selected colors, which are tracked and implemented within seconds. Thanks to a collaboration with Pantone, Kornit enables its customers to offer an even wider and more precise color gamut. Retailers who use ColorGATE for Kornit immediately acquire a unique selling point that makes them better partners for leading global brands.

Perfect match #2: Created for Kornit

The same way leading brands refuse to settle for color matching that is only near perfect, Kornit as a company insists that every step of the digital printing process will be just right. Our collaboration with ColorGATE was meant to perfect the professional RIP’s capabilities in ways that will form a tailored solution for Kornit customers.

In addition to adjustments that enable a seamless workflow when combined with Kornit’s systems and ink sets, ColorGATE for Kornit includes a few important improvements. It is the only RIP that supports Kornit’s unique wet-on-wet technology and includes features such as fixa control, white-base creation, and more. This means that while printers using systems by other companies are obviously free to use ColorGATE’s other versions, only Kornit customers will be able to enjoy these dedicated, advanced features.

Perfect match #3: Exactly how you pictured it

The Kornit-focused features are not all that was added to the new ColorGATE solution. Kornit’s Product Managers and Developers joined hands with the ColorGATE team to create a version of the product that is superior in more ways than one. Special design options such as advanced semi-transparent and knockout capabilities were added, allowing customers to control the artwork, hand-feel, and more; users can use the product’s PDF support to reach the highest printing resolution and eliminate the need for manual manipulations; and businesses can calculate their ink consumption before they hit “print” and enjoy a more accurate process in both its print and business aspects.

Bonding Kornit with ColorGATE matters to our customers and their end-customers. By investing in every single step of the printing process, we all reach results that perfectly match our vision and our customers’ needs.


If you wish to learn even more about the power of ColorGATE for Kornit, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedules demo.